Where Can I Sell Old Postcards Near Me?

7 Best Places to Sell Old Postcards for Cash (Near You & Online).

You can easily sell any postcards or paper products you may have on the following sites.

What is Deltiology?

Postcards are easily available to you anywhere in the world today. But have you read the possible history of its origin (production of postcards)? Or are you listening to someone?

Anyone familiar with the history of postcards knows what deltiology is. However, for those who don’t know, let me explain!

where can i sell old postcards near me

Postcards were in mass production between the 1800s and 1900s. And during those times there were no other great ways (at low cost) for people to communicate with each other other than postcards. So people of that period used to write postcards.

It must be said that the people of this period give importance and respect to the practices of their ancestors. Because most of the new generation people are enthusiastically buying old postcards in the world and collecting them as souvenirs/objects.

Even now a few families exchange these postcards with enthusiasm. Deltiology is the name given to the method of reading and collecting postcards that are given and bought in this way.

OK! Now let’s come to the main purpose of the post.

If you have old postcards, keep them safe. Because you don’t have to worry about them anymore! In this post, we are going to take a clear look at seven major sites where you can easily sell them online.

Where can I sell my old postcards and paper items at reasonable prices?

where can i sell old postcards near me

Let’s take a look at the list of best sites to sell your postcards.

A) Cardcow.com

This company is one of the largest vintage postcard dealers available online. And this company buys more than a thousand vintage postcards every year (no matter what type of postcards you give, this company buys them from you without any objection and then pays you for them).

On this site you can sell your postcards directly or through auction.

B) SellOldPostCards.com

You can sell old postcards on this site (but your postcards must be produced before 1945).

If anything about this site – this company has been buying old postcards from people for money for the last 30 years.

C) Cherryland Postcard Auctions.

You can also sell your old postcards on this company’s site – either directly or by auction (choose whichever suits you best).

Something to say about this site – This company site has been helping people sell old postcards for the past 36 years.

D) eBay.

Just like you can sell clothes, electronics, and stamps on eBay, you can sell your old postcards here.

Here your postcard selling price is your decision i.e. you can set it yourself.

Here you can list up to 250 items for free. If you go above that, you will be charged up to $0.35 per item. Finally, eBay will take 10-15% of the total price of your item once it is sold and you will be paid the balance.

When you’re pricing your postcards on eBay, consider what other eBay customers are pricing their postcards for.

You set your postcard price to match their price, but you have a higher chance of making a profit and making more sales.

E) There may be postcard auction houses on your local streets!

Local auction houses are often like houses. There you can freely auction your old postcards and earn a good income.

However, these auction houses have a tendency to charge you a certain percentage.

Use Google to identify auction houses that may be near your home!

F) Find shops that sell antiques.

You can easily find antique shops near your home by searching on google (for this you just enter your city and zip code).

However, it’s a good idea to call the antique shop in advance to see if they have the facility to sell postcards – this way you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

G) Etsy.

This site is very popular for selling handicrafts. But antiques can also be sold here!

So you can also sell your old postcards here for profit.

It costs you $0.20 to list your item for sale here. Plus your costs don’t end there – meaning you pay transaction fees and payment processing fees for your item when it’s sold here.

where can i sell old postcards near me


Here are the prevailing rates!

Transaction fee 5%
Payment processing fee 3% ($0.25)


Lower your expectations!

Your old postcards aren’t going to set you back thousands of dollars! However, sleeping in the closet of the house will do you no good.

What do you do with your old postcards – when they get worn out over time?

The reality is that you won’t gain anything from it. But if you sell the same at the right time, you will see a good profit!

Where Can I Sell Old Postcards Near Me? – True Home Occupations.

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