The “Ideas” Panel Will No Longer Be Available Starting In October 2022!

The “Ideas” Panel Will No Longer Be Available!

What is the history of the Ideas panel?

The ideas panel was introduced on Google Blogspot last year 2016. And I briefly looked at what its use is but it was doing functions like “This allows every blogger to find out what their readers are looking for in Google search engine and target them to what their visitors are looking for”.

The "Ideas" Panel Will No Longer Be Available Starting In October 2022! -

However, due to the fact that its functional applications are not so profitable or useful, the information is spreading to all bloggers through a notification that Google Blogspot company will stop/delete this Ideas panel from their free hosting system blogger from October 1st.

What apps will we lose with the demise of the Ideas panel?

So your potential readers will no longer be able to share your creative posts with their friends! I didn’t say that. That means you can’t share your visitors’ thoughts and opinions on your blog. This way you don’t know what your audience thinks about your posts and the same goes for potential new readers.

Are there any important reasons why the Ideas panel should be discontinued on blogger?

The reason for the discontinuation of this Ideas panel service in blogger is to introduce more new improvements and features in blogger and may be for a higher purpose.

What can we use to cover the service of the Ideas panel?

So bloggers should use social media pages or other WordPress websites to know the thoughts of their audience which is a classic way for you in the current situation.

What is the current status of the data collected so far through the Ideas panel?

Reader comment data collected through the Ideas panel may be protected or deleted by Blogspot over time for certain usage reasons.

Is there any way we can get the usage of the Ideas panel through other tools?

Accessing some online survey tool that can do the same job as the Ideas panel is a great idea to help you fix this dilemma on your Blogger. There are thousands of such “online survey tools” online but one tool that most of them have used and still use is the “Survey Monkey survey tool”.

There are a few subtle ways with freebies – right? Below is the answer to those who ask!

Is there a free or generic way to go beyond this? If you asked me as a blogger how I can get feedback from my readers, my answer is: Just like how I collect the email addresses of my blog visitors through MailChimp, you can do it too! This way there is a high chance of good communication between you and your guests and you can easily get their opinions too!

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The "Ideas" Panel Will No Longer Be Available Starting In October 2022! -

The “Ideas” Panel Will No Longer Be Available Starting In October 2022! –

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