Tapestry Review – Is It Safe & Legit? Read Before Downloading

Is the tapestry app safe?


Is tapestry app legit? Tapestri is an app that pays for information. If you want to earn money with this app, it is a condition that you give full permission for this company to view and research your personal online information (data-monetizing)!

Note: Tapestri app works like any other social networking site. I am saying that he does not have any secrets of his own. It is also worth noting that this app takes your permission as an important step before tracking your data.

What is Tapestry?

If you have downloaded and installed the Tapestri app on your mobile phone, the app will first ask you “Do you agree to our terms and conditions? and can we track your data?” Asks questions like: If you answered “yes” to this then this app will start its work on your mobile phone.

In general, the Tapestri app is powerful enough to run behind all the apps you download and use on your phone. With this, whatever you search or do online, will be added as information to the Tapestri app.

Tapestry will reward you for these activities. Roughly speaking you can earn between $5 to $25 per month using this app.


I don’t want to mention anything here! – Even many popular apps steal your information without your permission. Then they sell it to other companies for billions of US dollars! To be clear, many apps do not even mention that we do these things in their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

But this data theft is still going on in this period… But this Tapestri app is not like this. It says that I will buy your data and then give you the amount for it as income every month. This is by no means wrong – and the app’s tagline is “It’s Your Data, You Should Get Paid For It”.

How To Start With Tapestry?

Tapestry Review - Is It Safe & Legit? Read Before Downloading
Tapestry Review – Is It Safe & Legit? Read Before Downloading

Getting started with the Tapestri app is very easy. It is also worth noting that this app is available on Google Play or Apple App Stores which makes it suitable for all kinds of users like Android and iOS.

3 main things you need to do to earn money using the Tapestri app: 1) Download and install the Tapestri app on your mobile phone 2) Then create your account here 3) Finally read and understand the terms of this app and give permission etc.

How to Earn From Tapestry?

It is worth noting that this app will find you various ways to earn money by using the Tapestri app for free.

One of the best ways to do this is by sharing this app with your friends or acquaintances – the special thing is that you will get great rewards when that particular person comes and signs up for this app through your affiliate link. But it is important to note that you need to pay a $9.95 monthly fee to this app to join or stay active in this Tapestri Affiliate Program.

You can earn Tapestri Affiliate Program commissions in two ways.

First way: Here you can share your Tapestri Affiliate link with as many people as you want. You will earn $1 for every new signup.

Second way: You can share your Tapestri Affiliate link with your friends by using the first way we mentioned above. But the special thing here is that every person introduced by you will get a commission on how many people they introduce to this site every day.

For example, suppose your 10 first-way referrals recommend the app to 4 people each (40 people total). So, you will earn $1 x 40 = $40.

Note: You should never change your location setting in the Tapestri app.

Is tapestry app legit?

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