Swappa Review: A Safe Platform for Selling iPhones and Other Tech

Swappa: 3 Things To Know Before Selling Your Phone


Swappa App Review: We cannot complete any work in this period without the need or utility of electronics! Do you have any alternative views on this statement? … Even such useful electronics tend to lose their speed over a few years due to wear and tear – an inevitable natural phenomenon.

However, there are people today who buy and use even the slowest electronics because they are available at low prices. These are your sales targets – in other words, one of these people is seen as a reasonable buyer for your old electronics. Here you can quickly sell all your old electronics at the best prices! Also note that the term old electronics include – cell phones, laptops, tablets and all other electronic items.

Selling Your Phone on Swappa

For example, if you wish to sell cell phones with minor defects at reasonable prices on this Swappa site then it is certainly possible. Because the Swappa app is a bit different from the trend of other electronics-selling sites. It is the facility where you can set the selling price for all kinds of electronic items that you want to sell.

“Swappa is widely recognized as safe and trustworthy.”

Note: When setting a price for an item you intend to sell, ask yourself, “Does the price you quote sound right to you? Or would you pay that price and buy the item first?” All this should be taken into consideration when you decide on the price of your old electronics! Only then your products will start selling quickly on this Swappa app.

Note that the Swappa app is licensed or licensed by the Better Business Bureau to legally sell used electronics.

Now let’s see what are the opinions of people or users about the Swappa app.

600 customers have given this app 4.59/5 stars. We looked at the rating system but it has got a “B” grade.

It is also worth noting that the Swappa app has a 4.8/5 star rating from 17,000 customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Well now if you are thinking of selling your old electronics using this Swappa app try to know the following 3 things.

What Is Swappa?

Swappa: 3 Things To Know Before Selling Your Phone
Swappa: 3 Things To Know Before Selling Your Phone

The Swappa app was launched worldwide in 2010! It has been a platform for selling and buying used or old cell phones since then.

Swappa describes itself on its website as a “user-to-user marketplace for gently used technology.” It is mentioned that

The Swappa site can act as an arbitrator between you and your customer. But this site does not charge any additional fee to your customer for this. And only after your customer gives you the right price for your product, you can prepare to ship your electronics to them.

How To Sell Your Phone On Swappa

All money transactions on this Swappa site are done through PayPal. So first create an account with PayPal for yourself.

Make sure the phone you decide to sell is working properly first.

Make sure there is no excessive wear, no major scratches on the front, and no water damage.

Finally, factory reset your phone and let it start fresh.

If you have done the above things correctly then you can list your mobile phone for sale on the Swappa site.

What Is Swappa Local?

If you want to save a little money by avoiding shipping fees, try selling your electronics locally. But for that, you need to come within Swappa Local areas (ie where you live).

Swappa Local Areas generally refers to 41 cities. They start from Albany, Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, and Chicago and extend to Tampa Bay, Washington DC.

Swappa App Review : Why I Used Swappa to Sell My iPhone

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