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How To Make Money Selling Ebooks Online?

Sell Ebooks Online: “Start a website” is what I always recommend to all people who come to my site with a desire to make money online. Because a website is a fundamental aspect of any online business.

However, I’m not saying that you can’t make money right away from blogging! Because it will lead them to a lax attitude, toward my vision.

Yes! Even if you are thinking of starting blogging now, feel free to start a blog today. But you should consider it as a long journey to great success and not with the mindset of “I want to earn a good income from the day I started blogging” – because that will only set you up for massive disappointments.

OK! Now let’s move on to the notes about this post.

Step By Step Guide For Selling Ebooks Online With Low Investment! -

E-Books – Selling these will fetch you good income in present times. And the method of income in this is “passive meaning you will get good income every month without doing any work”.

This means that the job you have to do here is to create and market a collection of good ideas that are attractive enough for customers to read. You can do this in the early stages of marketing your e-book!

Who can write and publish these e-books?

Freelancers who sell their skills, and people who run or aspire to run a website are all welcome to compile their unique ideas into an e-book for sale.

However, learning how to write e-books and how to best sell our e-books online in a profitable manner will be very useful for you in the future.

If you are publishing e-books related to an industry, buy and read e-books published or popular in the same field. Try to read it clearly and understand what the author of the e-book is saying and what kind of new things he is trying to suggest to his readers.

Why? If I say so! Are there any useful changes you can make to your e-book so that you know if what you’re saying is old or new and you’re not simply saying what famous authors have said? That’s just for you to think about.

Note: All the people who come to this online path to make money online can consider this e-book selling. Because now you have momentum and if you use it in the right way, the income that can be generated from it will make you happy. But if you choose to blog as a full-time job and neglect this e-book sale, blogging will slow you down. Here I must state one true thing – that a man’s self-confidence and momentum are only as good as a flame for a limited period. So choose the fastest way to make money online first and try to earn a good income from it! Then look for distant success like blogging.

Attention people who want to write and publish e-books!

You don’t need to have any prior experience with e-book publishing to write and publish e-books, and you don’t even need to have the ability to write without a single error! However, things e-book publishers should be aware of,

You must be a great expert in the field to which the e-book you can publish is related. This means that you should have a deep knowledge of the industry to the extent that it exposes the ups and downs of the industry. And this appeal applies to 99.9% of fiction writers!

Make sure that every word you write in your e-book is concise, tasteful, and useful. Yes! No matter how much you write and publish something that has nothing to do with it, it is not always going to attract readers. So make sure that the e-books you write should be 20,000 words in case of NONFICTION and 40,000 to 50,000 words in case of Fiction.

Your e-books should take readers on a unique path. You must not cause any disturbance between them! For this, you should make sure that your e-books are concise, full of useful ideas, and readable by readers with strong engagement.

A few people publish e-books for good revenue! And a few will publish for free for community improvements! Whichever genre you are in, you should have a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $800 in hand to market your e-books.

If all of the above suggestions work for you, feel free to start creating an e-book today.

Let’s see clearly how to write e-books in the best way and how to design them attractively.

You can sell e-books in three ways! That means you can sell your e-books for free by buying the e-mail address of the readers who come to your website. The second way is to sell your e-books for a medium price. Finally, a third way is to “overprice” your eBooks.

However, the third method will be a bit difficult for you. This is because the readers will not already have any trust in your e-books and hence they will be a little reluctant to spend a lot of money and buy your e-books.

In such situations, you should follow the first method I mentioned and save the e-mail address of the readers. Then try selling your premium e-books directly to readers through email marketing. You will win because your readers will know that your e-books are of quality through your free e-books.

1. Estimate the cost of marketing e-books and prepare them.

Roughly speaking, you can spend anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars to publish an e-book.

Maybe if your e-book publishing is on a low budget you’ll be spending more money focusing on 3 things. This means that after deducting the cost of these 3 things from your budget, you have the remaining money in your hand to pay for your e-book.

The three main things needed for e-book creation are – creating the e-book cover design (you need to get the right person for this! It costs some money), an expert to edit your written words, and a freelancer to proofread the sentences.

All three of them will play a large and important role in your e-book creation. Is this because you should buy an e-book based on its appearance? Or not? It’s about what readers decide, and making sure that the e-book wording is engaging and easy to read.

Many freelancers can provide both editing and proofreading services as a single person. So if your e-book publishing budget is on the low side you can freely reach out to people who offer services like this. Note: The amount you pay for this service ranges from $190 to $1,000 for eBooks of 40,000 to 50,000 words.

And it’s like spending $100 to $350 for an e-book cover! It would be like recommending a graphic designer for this.

If you have any money left over from your e-book publishing budget, you can use it liberally to promote and format your e-book. And you may incur a few other expenses too!

2. Now it’s time to choose the e-book title.

How to choose a title for your e-book: Don’t use a title that has nothing to do with your e-book. Because many new e-book publishers make the same mistake.

How to choose a topic for your e-book: Regardless of whether your e-book is fiction or nonfiction, first research popular books that may be related to your e-book. You need to thoroughly research and make good decisions as to which sector-related books are attracting the most people and which are getting the most reception in the current scenario.

Note: For the above process you can consider the REVIEWS provided for popular e-books. This is because you have a better chance of understanding the needs, wants, and thoughts of the general public (readers).

3. It’s time to start writing the e-book.

Yes! Once you have found the perfect topic, your next important task is to write an entire e-book about your chosen topic. For this, you should first create an outline of your topic and then start writing all the things you know about it as a compilation.

Most new ebook writers get discouraged and give up at the thought of writing an entire ebook. Don’t make the same mistake! That means you can take as much time as you need to write an e-book and create your e-books with the best information.

4. It’s time to get your e-book to the top.

That means read the entire e-book you wrote once. If there is any typographical error in the sentence or there is any sentence error or wording error in any place in the sentence that will reduce the interest of the readers, try to correct it.

Beyond this, you must send your e-book to the editor. Only then will your e-book stand out – because the editor will thoroughly check your e-book and consider which words to highlight and where to pique the reader’s interest.

5. Now is the time to buy formatting software to format an e-book.

It is common for readers to read your e-books by entering them into an app. Also, you need to know that there are many different technologies i.e. formats available for reading e-books.

Yes! When you’re looking to offer free ebooks to your readers on your website (ie your blog) your ebooks should be in PDF format! Special. And in the same way, you can sell your e-books on your blog.

But when you’re trying to market your e-books, they must be available in all sorts of formats (readers can use them).

To be specific, if you want readers to open and read your e-books in eReader, your e-books must be formatted to be used on devices such as Kindle (for mobile version use) and ePub (which can be opened on all other platforms).

6. Now is the time to design the cover of the e-book attractively.

You don’t need to spend any money to create a cover for free e-books. So you can use Canva for this – you can create an attractive cover for your free e-book for free.

But if you intend to sell your e-books then it is better to consult a good graphic designer to make your e-book cover. If you probably don’t have enough cash on hand for this, feel free to visit sites like 100 Covers, Fiverr, or 99Designs to create your e-book cover at a low cost.

7. Time to review the e-book’s error corrections.

This means that before you market your e-book you should give it to a few readers for free and ask them if they want to make any mistakes or corrections in our e-book. For this, the readers will record the ideas that appear in their minds as feedback! We call them BETA READERS.

For example, if you run a website, you can offer your e-books to your readers for free and ask for their feedback! It is completely free for you.

But if you don’t have a website and don’t have enough readers on social media, you may need to spend some money to “revise” your e-books. It doesn’t mean you have to pay directly for this! However, you may offer gift cards or rewards for readers’ comments.

How to Sell eBooks Online?

So far in this post, we’ve only looked at how to create and promote an e-book. Now let’s see how to sell your e-books profitably!

8. You have to decide which is the best place to sell your e-books.

You can sell your e-books on your website or Amazon.

Your e-book is fiction and my e-book should be in the eyes of many people in the world so that I don’t get any income from it, but if you think it’s okay, you can freely register your e-books on Amazon KDP SELECT PROGRAM.

This means that the only benefit you will get from the KDP SELECT PROGRAM is the right to use additional monetization and promotional tools.

Perhaps if your website has a large readership and your e-book is in the nonfiction genre, you can freely sell your e-books on your blog. This will earn you a good income!

And for this, you can use e-commerce extensions (something like Shopify or Easy Digital Downloads) on your site.

9. Now is the time to set a fair price for your e-book.

You can make more money by selling your e-book on your blogs than you earn by selling it on Amazon.

For example, if you sell 5 books per day on Amazon for $2.99/book, you will earn $315 per month. Because the royalties you get here through Amazon are 70%! 70% royalties mean you get $2.10 per book.

If you expect to earn $5,000 to $8,000 per month through this process, you should have 17 to 20 e-books on hand. A simple way to do this is to first publish an e-book and then write another book as a follow-up. Don’t ever forget that you can double your monthly income by consistently publishing niche e-books like this!

Note: If you have followed the same process on your blog – you only need to sell one book where 5 books are sold. In other words, if we assume a transaction fee of $0.50, the price of a book will be $11. Only then will you get a good income “ie selling one e-book per day” easily.

10. Now is the time to market e-books.

There are many easy ways to sell e-books! However, it is not free which means you have to spend a certain amount for this.

Simple ways to promote e-books in the best possible way:

  • Newsletter (Use BookBub or Bargain Booksy
  • Access to Guest Writers (ie advertising your ebook on another blog – meaning the site’s author will recommend your ebook to their readers).
  • Visit Book Bloggers.
  • Advertise on Podcasts.
  • Share on social media.
  • You can advertise on Facebook or Amazon – this way you have more chances to reach the target audience.

11. Partner with affiliates.

Always remember that if you sell your e-books through e-commerce sites like Amazon or SendOwl, you have a great advantage.

Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? This is what you are going to do now. Yes, when you sell your e-books through the above sites “affiliate link facility is recommended for you to use to bring customers through distributions”.

You have to provide an affiliate link to your e-book to a few writers or content creators along with your e-book (only a certain part). They will recommend it to a specific audience of theirs, so your e-book is more likely to be seen by many people.

Here you can give your preferred affiliate program commission to those who share your e-books. Announcing this upfront (to writers and content creators) can be a boon to your e-book sales.

12. Make daily efforts to sell your eBooks through Email Marketing.

If you have a website, try using email marketing tools like ConvertKit and MailChimp to collect the Gmail addresses of your daily readers.

This way you can quickly recommend your newly published e-books to them. And for this, you can give some free offers to your visitors!

A FREE OFFER means hosting a small Webinar and exchanging Bonus Chapters. Which of these do you prefer? You can do it freely.

Always be decisive in your decision and effort to sell e-books and keep trying.

Keep trying every honest way to sell your e-books online. To be specific, I have clearly explained all the steps for this in this post, so if you follow the steps suggested in this post, you can easily succeed in the business of selling e-books.

However, this may require you more time and effort! So keep trying to write and publish new e-books with confidence and eventually this business will turn into a full-time job for you and there are high chances of earning a good income.

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Step By Step Guide For Selling Ebooks Online With Low Investment! -

Step By Step Guide For Selling Ebooks Online With Low Investment! –

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