Selling Old Dvds On Amazon Step By Step Guide!

Sell DVDs on Amazon: How to profit from your old CD and DVD collections?


Sell DVDs on Amazon: The purpose of this post is “How can you use Amazon to easily sell the many old DVDs you have?” That’s it! So you can clearly see the instructions for this here.

Sell DVDs on Amazon: How to sell old DVDs on Amazon as a third-party seller? -

First, you need to join Amazon as a third-party seller! Then you need to add your objects to it and then create a separate list for each of your objects. Finally, if the interested customers buy your products, you will earn a good profit.

Sell DVDs on Amazon: How to sell old DVDs on Amazon as a third-party seller? -

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Feel free to opt for Amazon’s Trade-In service option if you want to do the same quickly! But are your items for sale here eligible for Amazon’s Trade-In service? Your products are allowed to be sold on Amazon only after they have been reviewed.

Here, if your items are approved for Amazon’s Trade-In service, gift cards will be sent to you from the Trade-In service for your items.

How to Sell Used DVDs (& Make Money Quickly!)

Let’s see how to sell your old DVDs on Amazon as a third-party seller.

First, go to Amazon’s Seller Central site. Then create a third-party seller account for yourself here – you can use your email for this. And here you will enter your personal debit card or bank account number.

Here, with your seller account open, on your account page, you can easily connect your products to Amazon with an option called “Add a Product” which you can use to create a unique listing for your products! For this, you can use the bar codes that can be found on the back of your DVDs. If you are trying to link your items with an “item title” – please double-check that we have chosen the appropriate title for your sale item.

Finally, in this process, you have to choose the position of your merchandise – which means it will show the quality of your merchandise to the customers. The three options available are – New, Used – Good, and Used – Acceptable.

Sell DVDs on Amazon: How to sell old DVDs on Amazon as a third-party seller? -

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However, you should go to the Amazon Seller Central site and access the “Help section” there – find out what qualifications an item must have to sell on Amazon and compare it with your items for sale. Because you can easily sell your products here only if your products comply with the restrictions (i.e. accepted).

When registering the information of the goods for sale – state its true status correctly. That is if your merchandise is damaged? Or try to always communicate all kinds of information to your customers clearly, which may look very old-fashioned but work well. This way your customers will appreciate you and if you try to sell your products with false information, they will return the product without buying it and will file a complaint against you.

In the current scenario, only a few people use these DVDs! Because the fact is that most people have switched to Blu-Ray or streaming video. In situations like these, if you overprice your old DVDs, how will customers buy your merchandise! So take a look at what other sellers on Amazon are pricing their old DVDs and then set a price for your item.

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Sell DVDs on Amazon: How to sell old DVDs on Amazon as a third-party seller? -

Sell DVDs on Amazon: How to sell old DVDs on Amazon as a third-party seller? –

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