How To Upload WebP Image In WordPress Without Plugin?

How do I import a WebP image into WordPress?

Should I use WebP images on my website?

A person who runs a website, be it you or me, wants to earn a good income from it. But we know very well that there are many problems and difficulties in this! However, we face this every day and strive for the future success of our website.

How to upload WebP images in WordPress without plugin? -

No matter how careful we are on our website, sometimes we make a few small mistakes without realizing it and get into a lot of trouble – this is a common and everyday problem for all bloggers, so we often don’t even notice it!

However, try to learn new information about blogging every day and learn tips & tricks as much as possible! This will be of great help to you – for your future blogging career.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this post is about explaining one of the mistakes that even the best bloggers make in a matter of minutes and that newbie bloggers really don’t know about.

How do I put a WebP image on my website?

Most bloggers spend hours and hours of research preparing a blog post to get their blog post on the first or second pages of Google! I am always happy that I am one of them!! However, due to some mistakes we make, our web pages do not get any high rank on google.

How to upload WebP images in WordPress without plugin? -

There are many reasons for this! But one of them is Image optimization, i.e. it is not enough if the images you use on your site are in JPG format, you need to compress them and convert them to WebP image format and then try to upload them to your web pages – if you want to know more about this type of mistakes, see my old posts. Feel free to look back.

Can I use WebP images? & Is WebP really better than JPEG?

Note: In Google’s notice to bloggers, if you share these WebP format images on your website, “we will recommend your website to more readers and help you rank higher in search results.”

Does WordPress support WebP images?

You can easily upload images in WebP format to Blogspot! But this is inherently impossible in WordPress. But you can do it manually! Below are the ways to do this.

First, go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Appearance option there. It will have an option named function.php! All you have to do is paste the “Blogger code” we recommend here (don’t forget to SAVE at the end).

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How to upload WebP images in WordPress without plugin? -

How to upload WebP images in WordPress without plugin? –

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