How To Start PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business

What Is PVC Pipe & How Is It Manufactured?

How to start PVC pipe manufacturing business: Do you know that the PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride) pipe manufacturing business that you are thinking of starting is accepted and welcomed by most of the people/customers in the market?

This is a real piece of information! There are many reasons for this – however, the main one is the fact that Polyvinyl-Chloride easily fills the spaces of materials such as wood, paper, and metal.

How to start PVC pipe manufacturing business?

Due to this, the requirements for these PVC pipes are increasing day by day in places like the electrical, irrigation, and construction industry. Therefore, we recommend that this PVC pipe manufacturing business will be the best choice for all those who have the goal of starting a business focusing on areas like household and industrial activities.

Why do we use PVC pipes?

In short, it means that its benefits are widely accepted by the people.

What is PVC what are its properties and uses?

It is true that even if you use these PVC pipes underwater, there is no change in their properties. Now let’s see what are the real characteristics of such PVC pipes.

The total weight of PVC pipes is very low – i.e. light.

The price is also a little less when compared to the price of other pipes available on the market.

These PVC pipes are very easy for customers to use and carry.

PVC pipes are mostly not affected by soil, water, etc. That means its nature is corrosion-resistant.

PVC pipes often withstand fluid pressures, tensile stresses, electrical shocks, and high temperatures with ease.

Is PVC pipe manufacturing business profitable?

Currently, PVC pipes are widely used in water supply schemes, spray irrigation, deep tube well schemes, and land drainage schemes. And you should never forget that there are more opportunities for it to increase in the future and make its footprint in the construction sector and agricultural sector.

How to Start PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business

These PVC pipes are very useful and in demand in all kinds of places starting from houses in cities to agricultural lands in villages. Would you be unprofitable in such a worthwhile business? Think a little.

How do I start a PVC manufacturing company?

Now let’s see what are the official licenses and registrations and documents you need to get to start a PVC pipe manufacturing business.

To make PVC pipe manufacturing business official first register your business with ROC. Then get Trade License, Factory License, Udyog Aadhaar MSME (GST), No Objection Certificate (through Pollution Control Board), BIS certification (Quality Control), Trademark Registration, ISO Certification, etc. within the due time for your business applications.

PVC pipe manufacturing machine & equipment.

Even if you want to start this PVC pipe manufacturing business on a small scale, you will need the following materials and machines as a basic.

  • High-speed mixer
  • nonshell type cap.50 kg
  • twin-screw extruder
  • vacuum sizing unit
  • cooling tank
  • haul off the unit
  • cutting device
  • Dies size 20, 25, 45, 63, 75, 90, 110 mm
  • Mandrel size 2.5 kg/cm2, 4 kg/cm2, 6 kg/cm2, 10 kg/cm2
  • Scraper
  • grinder
  • heavy-duty fit
  • water tank
  • recycling Pump units
  • Weighing balance
  • industrial model
  • Pipe storage
  • racks
  • tools
  • greasing
  • oiling equipment
  • chemical balance
  • Oven

We have seen the raw materials required to prepare PVC pipes – they are PVC resin, DOP, Stabilizers, Processing acids, Lubricants, Colors, Fillers, Electricity and Water, etc.

Let’s see how to prepare PVC pipes easily.

To know how you can prepare PVC pipes, read this “What is PVC Pipe & How is it Manufactured?” Read the post. If you have any more doubts about this business sector, please post them in the comment section of this post. We will provide you with all the information you need immediately.

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