How To Sell Ebooks On Shopify Website?

How to sell eBooks on Shopify in 5 easy steps?

How to sell an eBook on Shopify? It will cost you much less to sell these ebooks than it would cost to write and legally publish a book. Due to this, many writers today introduce their works to people through ebooks. Are you one of them? Does that mean you want to sell your ebooks at the right place at the best price? If so then I would say Shopify is the right choice for you!

OK! Now let’s clearly see the 5 steps of how you can easily sell your eBooks on Shopify.

How to sell an eBook on Shopify? Step-by-step guide! -

First, create an account for yourself on Shopify. Then upload the eBook you’ve written or bought for a little money to your Shopify account and get ready to sell to your prospective customers.

Step 1: Try to create highly searchable eBooks.

As you know there are 2 types of eBooks. One is Fiction and the other is Non-fiction! Feel free to choose any topic you like and start working on it.

A little help we can give you: We have attached some Non-fiction topics below, choose any topic you like and try to share useful information.

Here are the best-selling and most-searched Non-fiction topics of all time!

  • Business & Money
  • Self-Help
  • Cook Books, Food & Wine
  • Politics & Social Sciences
  • Health, Fitness & Dieting
  • Parenting & Relationships
  • Crafts, Hobbies & Home
  • Education & Teaching

Step 2: Make sure your Shopify Store fits your personal taste and attracts visitors easily.

Shopify has now brought a new feature/feature (updates) to its website called Shopify 2.0 update. With this, you can create your Shopify Store with more graphics in a few minutes.

For this, you must have at least a few months of prior experience in blogging, website creation, or logo editing. If not then you can freely try to find freelancers for this on sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Don’t forget that Canva is an online platform that makes all kinds of logos, banners, and posters for free!

Step 3: You need to download the Downloadable Digital Assets Shopify app from your Shopify Store.

How to sell an eBook on Shopify? Step-by-step guide! -

Here i.e. you need an app called “digital downloads manager” to upload your eBook to your Shopify Store. Because Shopify doesn’t have this app natively.

There is a great app for this activity called “Downloadable Digital Assets“. It’s not free! – It costs $5 per month. However, you get 2GB of storage for free! Maybe if the size of your eBook is very small then there will be no need for you to update it for a few months.

You will surely love the applications of this “Downloadable Digital Assets” app. This way you can keep your Shopify Store active at any time! This means your customers can easily download your eBooks even when you’re not around – a quick and secure process for both you and your customers.

Along with this, you will also get free email marketing tools here. With this, you can easily sell your digital products to your target audience.

Don’t take this “Downloadable Digital Assets” app for granted! That is, do not easily think that it will not benefit us to that extent. Because this way you can legally protect your studies!

Don’t be confused! This app protects your eBooks officially. This means that no one can share your work without your permission. Some mischievous customers will share eBooks purchased from you with their relatives and friends without any permission from you – you can prevent this by using the PDF Stamping option in this app. You can freely take legal action against them for violation! It is significant.

Step 4: Now it’s time to upload your products.

In your Shopify dashboard, there will be an option called Products in it / i.e. on its page there will be a facility called Add product. You can upload your products to it – with the help of the Downloadable Digital Assets app.

Step 5: It’s Not Enough to Create Useful Posts! It should be taken to the customers who need it. Only then can you monetize your hard work!

Creating a unique Shopify Store just for you is pretty easy! But making your products sellable is a bit difficult. But you can make this easier too – for this, you can promote your Shopify Store page on social media and Google. Through this, you can easily get the targeted audience suitable for your sales.

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How to sell an eBook on Shopify? Step-by-step guide! -

How to sell an eBook on Shopify? Step-by-step guide! –

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