How To Launch A WordPress Site: A 7-Step Guide

How to Launch Your First WordPress Website?

How to launch wordpress site: No one in this world is born to learn everything (come into this world). We learn new things every day. This blogging is just like that. And here we are going to look at “How to Start a WordPress Blog Under $100” with a full description.

Modern people I know are more interested in making money online from the comfort of their own home than going to a place and working 9 AM – 5 PM. Do you have this kind of mental state? Yes or No.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

If your answer to this question is Yes then this blogging is 99.9% relevant to you! This way you can earn money till the end of your life.

Take a job for the money:

There are 3 important things you need to do for this, 

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations
  1. Show your hard work.
  2. Be patient as much as possible.
  3. You have to keep learning something new day by day. (Only if you do this correctly will you be able to see your own business growth in 3-4 months).

In the current scenario a new way to make money online is being born day by day — You know it!

Tips for a successful blog.

How to launch wordpress site? Today, the number of people entering this blogging industry is increasing, so that they can create a new website and make money online. But a special piece of information is that no matter how many people start this blogging!

How to make money helping people:

First, understand that everyone who works well in it will definitely win. First, we need to understand why most new bloggers start blogging and fail shortly afterward. Only then can we understand how we can succeed in our blogging.

How to Start a WordPress Blog - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

The answer to this is often due to their lack of experience in this blogging and the lack of qualified teachers. Are you in such a predicament? If so then this informative post is for you!

Learn the basics of blogging I say and build a great website today. You can create this blogging for free or for a small investment.

New bloggers note: How to launch wordpress site?

New bloggers thoughts:

I need 500 dollars by tomorrow!! Why am I so poor? Does earn work? 🤔..

Making money on the weekends:

Do not expect to get a good income within 2 or 3 months of starting a new website. “Blogging is an art (Make money with magic)” So first of all you have to come up with ideas that can help others and express them effectively (to your readers) without losing interest.

Create a reader army that is for you. Try to fix or solve your readers’ problems with your ideas, motivate them and become a good entertaining tool. These methods will give you a quick search for success.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

Always share only the latest information on your website, making sure that the important and useful ideas are included. Trash the results of reading someone else’s website, saying that I’m going to set up my website just like them and upload their comments a little bit because they will never help you.

Stop following others first! Start sharing only your own ideas so that the success you achieve maybe a little far away but that success will bring you a permanent return. Now that you have an understanding, how does this blogging work? Is about.

5 Reasons why you should not go for a free website!

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

Related: Five reasons why having a “free website” is a bad idea!

How to launch wordpress site: Top 5 benefits of having a website.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

The benefits you get from running a website better: Do good make money.

  • As the number of readers for your website increases year by year, then the words will get value in you and you will become a better writer and thinker, which makes you proud?
  • As the saying goes “this is in your hands” you will meet people of different languages ​​every day, and through them, your language skills will be enriched and thoughts will increase.
  • Blogging will give you all the resources you need and with it peace of mind – and happiness. Help the poor with only one in 100 when you have the money, according to the motto, “You can see God in the laughter of the poor.” Eliminate the selfish enemy.
  • Do you own and sell an item? Do you do cottage industry? If so this is a great way for you to sell your products easily.
  • Who are you? This blogging will give you a full explanation of the question, by which you will move towards the path of what we should do for the poor simple people living in our country. If you are a young person reading this post, ask, “The future of the country is in your hands.

Even great workers believe in this blogging:

With Blogging, you can make your identity online safe for a long time. Even a website that has been around for at least 2 to 3 years will get a good name from its clients, with which they are more likely to put real trust in you when you talk to a customer about a business.

There are so many benefits to blogging when you look at it from the outside! Enjoy it! It will make your life brighter. Blogging is one of the most widely accepted forms of blogging. There really is no one to help me with that when I start this blogging! However, I did not give up my effort.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

I just watched YouTube as the guru who teaches me this blogging – I watch 6-8 videos a day, it is only through my Vida effort that I am able to run a great website like this today on my own! 

Whether you are new to blogging or just running a website, I hope you find this article very useful. In this post, I am going to share with you the steps you need to follow to create a great website and how to create a new website using Free Resources.

Disclaimer: All links that relocate in this blog post are my affiliate links. Affiliate Links means I get a commission if you buy a product or service through my links (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

How to launch wordpress site?

How To Make 600 Dollars In A Week: I submit a useful video to you – you can create a WordPress Website in 11 minutes according to the steps of this video post.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Step 1: First decide what your website is going to share information with your readers.

Those who are not successful in this blogging are often the ones who started this blogging with the intention of making money. If you are in this state of mind then change it. Sometimes people like this will find this blogging successful but it will not last.

Blogging is about teaching your ideas and skills to others and making money from them. Initially, I started this blogging with the intention of making money. But now with my mental state, this blogging has become a passion for me. As soon as possible you will also be beaten in this situation.

Fear not, it gives me complete satisfaction as well as money. Turn this blogging into your Passion soon. No matter what kind of talent you have, you can turn it into money in this online world – just never forget this.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

Lily on the website mentions the 9 best and most lucrative blogging niches for women (anyone new to blogging can use any blogging niche – it will give you the best income and growth because of all of these niches meet people’s needs in everyday life).

  • Money
  • Fitness
  • Product Reviews
  • Fashion And Beauty
  • Organizing
  • Kids and Parenting
  • DIY And Crafts
  • Food
  • Design

Next, Paul Scrivens offers you 403+ Blog Niche Ideas so you can choose the niche that suits you best. I have also included 18 important blogging niches. Apart from these 18 blogging niches, you can also make money in other niches but these 18 niches also became very popular.

Step 2: It is time to choose your domain name.

Domain Name is very important for the development of a website and increasing the number of readers. Because if you buy a Second Generic Domain Names and start your website we can not say for sure how much it will give your readers trust in your website.

Here’s how to get the perfect domain name.

So how do you choose a better domain name? For example, you are randomly searching for information on a website – there you will find information that meets your need. Next, you have good faith in that website, you think we should visit this website again.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

For that, you are trying to memorize the domain name of that website, that is. But if that domain name is difficult and you are less likely to memorize it — the owner of that website will lose you, from his readership.

An unfortunate thing is that all readers like this What would be the end of that website if this happened? See for yourself how many problems a website may face if a website does not choose a domain name correctly.

How to launch wordpress site?

There are 3 conditions for choosing the domain name of a website.

  • Make sure the domain name is easy for readers to enter and pronounce.
  • Make sure the domain name size is minimal. This means that if the domain name is small it will be easier for readers to remember and your articles will be permalink shorter.
  • Make sure there are no numbers in the domain name. Make sure the domain name is easy for readers to remember and record.

Is your domain name available at a low price? Do not look at that. Pay full attention to whether your domain name is of the highest quality (Like .Com, In, .Co, .Org) and whether we obtain that domain from a reputable company.

For this I recommend you Bluehost – you can expect quality and trust in this company. The next company I would recommend to you is Hostinger – here you can buy domains at very low prices.

If you have any difficulty in purchasing this domain name? Watch this video I will give and resolve your doubts.

Find a great available domain name for your website in seconds.

Step 3: Get hosting.

You now have a great domain name. But this alone is not enough to create a website! For example, if the domain name is an application, would you not need a mobile phone to install it? Just like that, you need to link your address with hosting.

For this, you have to spend a small amount of money every year. Why should you buy and use hosting for your website? And what is the significance of this? Your website will run faster when you use hosting.

For example, if readers open a post it will open in a few seconds and Google Adsense ads will quickly appear to the audience. Why did you start this blogging? Make money yourself! Keep in mind how much difficulty you have gone through for that.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

What is your situation if you do not get a good income from blogging while doing so? Think!

Why I say this is because if you get Google Adsense approval for your website and you use hosting hosts like Blogspot (provided by Google), free – your income will often below (no matter how many readers you have).

The Reason: Free Hostings will only support your readers to a certain extent and all (Google Adsense) Ads will take 15-20 seconds to open on your website, which will affect the revenue of your website.

Update: At first I used hosting companies like Hostinger and GoDaddy for my other website, but now I am using Bluehost hosting company as the traffic of my websites has increased and this has been a great help to me – to run my 6+ websites better as well.

How to launch wordpress site?

(GoDaddy – Save Up To 30% On New Products!)

But since this is my new website I have to use some strategies to increase the readership of my website for 3-4 months. 5 months later I’ll show you the traffic of this website, mine. I’ll also show you the Income Certificate provided to me from the Google side of my website (in case I get Adsense approval within that).

(I will submit to you as soon as possible a full-length report on how to make money (earning) through this blogging – along with more information including these tips!)

There is no doubt that both Hostinger and GoDaddy are good hosting companies. Because most people are still using these 2 companies. And the reason I switched to Bluehost is that the number of readers of my website has increased.

If you are just starting a new website then Hostinger is right for you. This is because it is cheaper (compared to GoDaddy and Bluehost) and easier for you to run your website. As your readership grows you will want to redesign your website to Bluehost and that company will do all the help you need.

Transferring hosting from one company to another is as easy as transferring a domain name from one company to another. Hostinger Hosting Company offers you a daily hosting offer. I will always recommend this Hostinger company to those who are new to this blogging company.

A great example of this is my friend Mr.Ravi. A few weeks ago my friend Ravi told me I was thinking of building a website but currently, I do not even have $10. I told him – OK, Ravi Hostinger offers Second Generic Domains for $1.01. Buy it and start your blogging part-time job.

He also bought a .xyz domain name for $1.01 + GST. I’m obligated to tell you the domain name. That domain name is Please think about it: Mr. Ravi’s investment is just $1 (he used Google free hosting called Blogspot for hosting).

Then he does not need to spend any more money on this website! – even if he invests his hard work in the development of that website. He worked on that website for 4 to 5 months and with a great readership, he got compulsory Adsense approval if he went to Google Adsense.

Which hosting is suitable for small businesses having average traffic?

Step 4: Choose the theme that best suits your website’s ideas.

The theme of the website is similar to how a domain name is a factor in the development of a website. What if you share the right and useful ideas and the text is a bit confusing and irritating to your readers, if the theme is not clear – will your readers come to visit your website again? Say it!

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

Below I have given the best WordPress themes. Choose which theme you like and which one is right for your website.

Learn how to use the Elementor plugin in WordPress. This is because with this Elementor plugin you can configure your website with just a drag and drop. And you do not need any coding knowledge. I will also attach a video for you to watch.

Step 5:  Install your theme.

Most of the themes I have recommended for you above are mostly available to you for free. Sometimes even some big companies will give their Premium Themes to their customer for free – I must inform you if they announce any offer like that.

A great example of this is the company: The company currently offers 54 WordPress themes & plugins for free to its customers. And one happy thing is that you too can participate in this offer.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

Here Is My Little Advice: If you can, download and keep all 54 themes & plugins they provide. This is because every WordPress theme they give will cost at least over $50. If you can not afford to buy this out then you have to take advantage of their offer!

Step 6: Change your permalink’s settings.

If you start your website with free hosting provided by Google from Blogspot, your website’s article addresses (PermaLink) will appear with Date and month.

Here’s one thing you need to understandGoogle does not take into account the migration numbers in the article links (Perma Links) of any website (Google gives priority to words). So you need to make sure that the article links on your website do not contain numbers.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

That’s why, before sharing your first article on your website, go to the WordPress – setting option and select the “Post (Section/Button)” option.

Note: Permalink is one of the most important for the development of your website.

For example, you can enter the keyword of a post in the permalink of your article. Also, make sure that your article’s permalinks are SEO compliant (always choose Low Competition Keywords for your website article permalink).

Be careful what I said already – never use numbers in your blog posts permalinks. For example, if you are writing an article entitled 15 Best Free WordPress Themes, your article permalink should be

Well now let’s move on to the next step. You will see in my next post how to write a great article with on-page and off-page SEO (that post will be of great help to newbie startup powers). You can change anything in your website articles such as Text, Image, Internal links, Outbound links.

But you should never make any changes to that article permalink. Now that you understand how important permalink is. You only create an article permalink once on your website – so focus on the permalinks and create first, then start writing the article.

Google understands the records on your website through the permalink of your articles. That means sharing information about what your website is about.

Step 7: Set up your e-mail.

This email marketing method will be very helpful for you to increase the readership of your website. You can use Cold Mailing to send 5000+ emails a day on behalf of your website. If you use a mail ID with the addresses or for this, will your readers prioritize your comments?

Or will they ignore it? Think for yourself!

That’s why I say spend $1 or $2 a year on GoDaddy and get a premium e-mail address. For example, buy [email protected] – it will search for a good name and trust among the readers of your website. Based on the above information you have created a great website.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

Note: The perfect beginner tool for email marketing is Adcrux (Email Automation & Dedicated SMTP Provider). If you want to buy this tool at a lower price you can use this site.

Also many services are available to you at low prices on this site! Linksolo – A LinkedIn Plugin For Active Leads | Lifetime Access, Phonesites – Build Websites From Your Phone,

Adcrux – Email Automation & Dedicated SMTP Provider, Buldix – Drag & Drop Website Builder With No Coding!, Mojomox – Graphic Design Platform For Marketers, 1100 Watercolor Illustrations,

Digidly – GDPR Document Templates, Modular – Interface Visual Composer, TrackingSuite – Prospecting Tool, Scarcity Marketing With FunnelBoosta, WappKit – Essential Web App Kit, 11 Professional Website Templates,

15 Inspirational Text Overlays Bundle, Pixalogo – The Best Logo Design Bundle, TexTalky – Text to Speech Synthesis Tool, Unlimphotos – 12M + Stock Photos,

61 Trendy T Shirt Designs Bundle, and KamuSpeak Text to Speech Voice Generator | Including Lifetime Access.

However, you should publish your website only after you know a few important things. Let’s see about it in detail below!

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

The only way I want you to stay in touch with me is through social websites. I’m on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn – follow me if you like. In this, I will try to share with you as many “tips and tricks about making money online” as I can.

What would a reader expect from you?

Write articles for your website keeping in mind what kind of information you are expecting from a website. Pay close attention to how your ideas differ from other websites’ ideas and whether they answer innovative OR stylistic questions (whether we answer correctly).

How does your website gain individuality and uniqueness if you just say the ideas of a website in a different way? If you want to succeed in blogging then you definitely need to follow a style that suits you. It’s great if it’s useful to your readers.

And share only the right ideas as much as you can, never break the trust of your readers and try to motivate them. Guys, I do all I can to help solve your blogging-related problems for free!

If you have any problem with your website contact me on my Facebook group and I will always be active on all my social websites/media so you can contact me on that too. If a website has 8-10 posts readers will open 2 or 3 posts and see what is in it even if they have not read 10 posts.

This will increase the number of visits to your website and stimulate reader interest. Even if a website is a domain connected (2 or 3 years ago) it will easily give them “Google Adsense” Ad approval (and include the Google free domain ““).

But at present, the number of people writing articles has increased more than the number of people reading articles online. Understand how much hard work you have to put into your website if you want to buy Adsense approval for your website in a competitive environment like this.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

OK, so you can buy Adsense approval even in this situation. What do you do for a living? First, you need to create pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About, Contact, Terms and Conditions on your website. Then write 40 to 45 posts in 800+ words each and share at the rate of one article per day (Make sure your post is useful).

Don’t forget to register your website in Google Search Console, Google Analytics. This will allow you to track the number of readers who visit your website through Google. Register your website’s article permalink in Google Search Console but it will only appear in Google search. 

Only then will organic traffic come to your website. If you even share good ideas 5 to 6.5 lines like pillar content to readers how will they read your posts in full? – will scroll your article with annoyance. To avoid this you should make sure that the paragraph in your article does not exceed 3 lines.

Most people in this world use Android & iOS phones more than Computers & Laptops. Make sure your article is set up accordingly. It does not matter how many posts a website publishes if it is to succeed among the people.

Even if you only share 1 post on your website – do not look at the number of articles in this space and only give priority to the comments embedded in it. This is exactly what your readers will expect from you. Will it be of any use to my readers as I write each of my articles? With that in mind, I will start writing my posts.

This includes answers to readers’ questions and expands on topics with comments. The basics of making money from a website are affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships, and more. You can start affiliate marketing right from the start of your website and it’s an easy way for you to make money on blogging.

You must add an image to the articles you write. And make sure that the image is copyright free. When sharing an image of your choice with articles on your website, change the name of that image to fit your article keyword. Then enter the keyword in the Alt text of that image.

For a website, its logo is important in a way. So keep the logo of your website in the minds of your readers forever. There are many companies that sell logos on the internet – but you can only buy a logo by paying for them.

But if you spend the same amount of money on Fiverr you can create a better logo by referring to those on Fiverr (through freelancers) as per your wishes. It will cost you a maximum of $10 to $15 and you can build your logo on it even if you spend a minimum of $5.

Free tools to keep your website optimal.

Start A Blog Today: How To Build A WordPress Website In 10 Minutes? | True Home Occupations

Image: I have said before that the images you share on your website should be copyright free. There are a number of companies offering copyright-free images like this online. But a few companies charge for this. In contrast, some companies offer a specific image & video for free.

Below I have given the names of a few of them. Copyright free image & video providing websites (companies);

SEO Checker: Use the Yoast SEO plugin to find out if your articles have on-page and off-page SEO. This SEO Tool will recommend you 3 colors. And the green color in it only means that your article is located in SEO (the guidelines and conditions for this are located on that plugin).

Note: How To Build A Website For SEO? You may need several months of blogging experience if you want to know the correct answer to this question without anyone’s help. But this SEO Buddy online blogging tool is designed to teach you this in a few months. Also, if you want to know the full benefits of these, visit the official page of this tool.

Online SEO training => ✓

Social Sharing: You can use the Sassy Social Share plugin to share your website posts with your readers.

E-mail Marketing: Marketing is one of the best ways to increase your readership. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You should be reluctant to think about spending on this because the benefits you will get out of it will be high.

✓ Good tools used in e-mail marketing:

Canva: With the Canva tool you can create all kinds of images, logos, banners for your website, such as images that can be shared on social networking sites, for free. It’s completely free and you just have to buy the premium package if you want to use the specific tools in it.

There is also a special message that students can submit copies of their certificates to canvas and you will get the canvas premium package for free for life. If you are a student take advantage of this offer. When you write an article on your website you are more likely to make a few mistakes.

Grammar Checker: You can use some tools to fix this. Grammarly is the most used tool in the world.

Broken Link Checker: Wouldn’t your readers be annoyed if you provided a link to the posts on your website and it didn’t work? And there is another problem.

What it means is that if Google finds too many broken links on a website it will drop that website into Google searches and affect the growth of that website.

=> Google Chrome Broken Link Checker extension.

Link Manager: I think using the Pretty Links tool will be of great help to your affiliate marketing programs. This Pretty Links Tool will link the affiliate link you give to a name no matter how many times that name appears anywhere on your website. This is the highlight of this Pretty Links Tool.

✓ An Example Of This Is: If you gave your convertkit affiliate link in one word, convertkit. The word Convertkit will be associated with the affiliate link you provide wherever it appears on your website. I am not going to sell any item (Like E-book & Courses) on this website.

Paying others is not the only help, I think it’s a success for us even if they make $1 according to the advice we give. That’s what I’m doing on this website. Also, if you have any problems creating a new website, let us know in the comment section.

I do all I can to help you. I take great pleasure in creating a website called and sharing my thoughts with you. And it gives me contentment and happyness 😉. You will not understand if I say this verbatim. Understand what I mean by creating and maintaining a website like this.



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True Home Occupations! – Sathish Mahalingam MCA,.

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How to Start a WordPress Blog

How to launch wordpress site? – True Home Occupations.

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