How To Grow Website Traffic Organically? 8 Best Methods To Grow Website Traffic!

8 Best Strategies to Grow Website Traffic!

How to grow website traffic organically: In this post we are going to look at 8 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog. In the current scenario it is very easy for you to spend $100 and buy a domain and a hosting with these and start a website.

But understand that you have great challenges in increasing the number of readers who visit your website and giving them posts that they have not read on any site.

I’m here to help with your problems like this!

And in this post I am going to explain clearly how to bring more readers to your new website through many ways.

According to the instructions I give in this post you can bring 5,000 to 8,000 readers to your website in a month. Increasing this number is in your hands.

Don’t have a website? Then create a new website today using my article “How to start WordPress blog under $100“.

For example: If the posts of your website are useful to the readers then the growth of your website will be high.

Making readers come to your website once is not a thing. You can get as many thousands of readers as you want in a day. 

But can you say for sure that they will come back to your website? Increasing the number of readers of a website is the number of comments that are on that website.

Have you heard of the extension similarweb? With this extension you can know the organic and direct traffic of a website.

How to get traffic to your blog for free.

Best method to grow website traffic!

8 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog - how to grow website traffic organically

Author : Sathish Mahalingam MCA,.

Try To Understand Your Readers:

  1. Does that mean the posts you share through your website will benefit your readers?
  2. Who are the readers who read the comments you share?
  3. And at what age do your ideas apply to people?
  4. What do your readers need?
  5. And what is their problem?

You also need to focus on! Well let’s get started!

Disclaimer: All links that relocate in this blog post are my affiliate links. Affiliate Links means I get a commission if you buy a product or service through my links (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

How to drive traffic to your website with Pinterest?

1. Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest 459 million a month Contains active users. And this Pinterest app is used by people all over the world.

Link your website to pinterest. That means start sharing the Pinterest pin in the articles of your website.

Pinterest is a good SEO provider and its help is definitely needed for your website. You can create your Pinterest pin with the Canva tool. 

8 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog - how to grow website traffic organically

And TAG some keywords with it when sharing them on your Pinterest account.

When creating Pinterest boards, make it a top priority to apply keywords. Website revenue often comes to us in two ways, one is Adsense advertising and the other is Affiliate Marketing. 

Even if the income we get from these is low in the beginning, we will continue to get a small income.

If we increase the readership of our website we can increase their revenue. That’s why we’re going to look at how to get a permanent readership in this post.

For this we are going to use the social website Pinterest. Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Coming soon: Click here if you want to know more about this (Affiliate Marketing is when you sell someone else’s product or service and get a commission from it).

As far as I’m concerned the readership for the biggest big websites (permanently) comes only through this Pinterest and Google.

Use this Pinterest application as I tell you all in this post If you can get more readers on your web it will not benefit you in any way! I know it myself.

Pinterest can get more readership but when is that possible? That’s when you make the most of this Pinterest.

Well, what do you do for a living? You need to develop your knowledge of Pinterest

For that you can watch YouTube videos or read an e-book. Here I am going to recommend you an e-book which will be very useful for you. The Pinterest e-book name is Pinterest Ninja.

Also this e-book is not available to you for free. You can download it from ‘InDigitalWorks‘ (for a reason). If you want to succeed in this web world, you have to learn something every day.

You have no doubt that Pinterest will soon provide you with a great readership.

But if your website does not have the information that your readers want, how will they come to visit your website again and again? What can you do to prevent this situation?

To avoid this you have to follow a few things I say! They are, First you have to think from the point of view of your readers.

Then understand what your readers are expecting from you. For example what do we offer them – Product (s) or Information.

If you are now running an Info Website or Products Reviews Blog, make sure that your information stays in the minds of your readers and is easy to understand.

Or, use themes for your website if you run Products Sales website (like woo-commerce website, Amazon associates website, Commission Junction products sales, Worrier Plus affiliates or whatever) (in which you want your sales objects to attract your customers).

If you do this and keep your domain name as .xyz, .tk, .club, will your customers trust your website? Would you trust a website like this and try to buy an item if they had you in place?

How can a customer trust a website? What do we need to do to gain customer trust? Essentially the first step is to buy a high level domain (like .Com, .Org, .in, .Online, .Tech and more).

Avoid buying second generation top leavel domains (like .xyz,, .site and more). Second generation top leave domain domains like these are only suitable for the info website and not for the Woo commerce website at all.

If you read a new piece of information on a website, the first thought that comes to your mind is that we should pass this information on to our friends and relatives as soon as possible. 

Are you looking for social media sharing buttons for that website or not? And so are your readers!

That’s why I say make sure your website has share buttons for all social networking sites (like Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Twitter, GMail, LinkedIn, Reddit, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc).

💡 Did you know about the website BuzzSumo?

The BuzzSumo Website gives you information about what people are currently searching for on the Internet and social networking sites, how many people are searching for information, and how many of those Particular Keywords are shared on social networking sites.

Next, follow the instructions on guest posting to find the readership you need for your website. Guest posting is when you write a great article for a popular website and get a back link from them.

In other words, they will share the Official link of your website in an article on their website.

This way you can get a better readership. Register your website in the Google Analytics Tool just as you would in a Google Search Console. Because with this you can know the exact number of readers coming to your website.

2. Start grabbing email subscribers.

E-mail processing system: If you want to maintain the connection between your website and your readers, first start collecting your readers’ email addresses.

Only 30% of the total number of readers who visit your website will visit your website again.

If you want to attract the remaining 70% of readers! You should buy their email address and send useful information to your readers once or twice a week.

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

This will give the readers a lot of confidence in your website and your readers will get you.

Two tools you need to do email marketing,

  1. ConvertKit.
  2. GMass.

How to get a website on the road to success?

In this world day by day the number of people who start blogging with the intention of making money through this blogging is immeasurable.

A great example of this is popular hosting companies (Like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, Namecheap and more).

The daily income of these hosting companies will be higher than you can imagine. The reason for this is you! I mean bloggers like you and me.

But my regret is that beginners who are just starting out blogging do not show the same interest until the last.

New bloggers work long hours for their blog with the aim of gaining immediate success in this blogging.

But their interest is limited to 8 to 10 posts shared on their website. Then they get tired! Is it enough for a website to publish just 10 posts to succeed? Tell me!

“My first question if you are in a similar situation;

Why this useless curiosity?” 🤔..??

If you are in a hurry in this blogging industry you will do the wrong thing even if you do the right thing. It’s up to you and your readers to lose faith in your website.

What if you have a desire to succeed in blogging? See this blogging as a profession and turn it into your Passion.

Share the article on your website at least once or twice a week, which means keep updating your website regularly.

Note: The perfect beginner tool for email marketing is Adcrux (Email Automation & Dedicated SMTP Provider). If you want to buy this tool at a lower price you can use this site.

Also many services are available to you at low prices on this site! Linksolo – A LinkedIn Plugin For Active Leads | Lifetime Access, Phonesites – Build Websites From Your Phone,

Adcrux – Email Automation & Dedicated SMTP Provider, Buldix – Drag & Drop Website Builder With No Coding!, Mojomox – Graphic Design Platform For Marketers, 1100 Watercolor Illustrations,

Digidly – GDPR Document Templates, Modular – Interface Visual Composer, TrackingSuite – Prospecting Tool, Scarcity Marketing With FunnelBoosta, WappKit – Essential Web App Kit, 11 Professional Website Templates,

15 Inspirational Text Overlays Bundle, Pixalogo – The Best Logo Design Bundle, TexTalky – Text to Speech Synthesis Tool, Unlimphotos – 12M + Stock Photos,

61 Trendy T Shirt Designs Bundle, and KamuSpeak Text to Speech Voice Generator | Including Lifetime Access.

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic -TrueHomeOccupations.Com - how to grow website traffic organically

Get ready for Valentine’s day 2022 offers.

Getresponse is an e-mail marketing tool that everyone knows! However, it is a sad fact that those who are new to the online industry do not know exactly what it is.

Why I say this is because the e-mail marketing process can transform any of your online business (for example blogging, YouTube, woo commerce website, and more) into a site that attracts more customers in less time and easily sells your affiliate products.

But you have to do this properly with the right exercises so that your clients do not get any mental annoyances / disturbances.

This e-mail marketing tool that will bring you so many benefits (if you are a digital marketer) – if you have a 40% offer from GetResponse, one of the best and most used companies in the world today, I think this is a chance you will get in 2022. I think.

Do you know a thing? 76% of the digital marketers in the world, that is, in the online world, still use this e – mail marketing procedure to communicate with their customers.

And 62% of digital marketers use this e-mail marketing procedure to increase their monthly and annual income.

All right! What am I going to say now? That means GetResponse is widely used to create a customer base just like you, sell more of your sales product or service in a short period of time, and easily create useful newsletters, e-mails to attract your customers (there are many types of templates available here for free, too).

That’s what I say. That’s why GetResponse, one of the most popular e-mail marketing tools companies, offers you this premium “Valentine’s Day Offer 2022 Sale Get Up To 40% Off” discount right now without any delay, according to the company “Sweat in the Wind”. Try to take advantage.

Get ready for GetResponse Valentine day offer 2022.

GetResponse – I already told you that GetResponse offers 40% off on all plans (like Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans) ahead of VALENTINE Day.

But this GetResponse VALENTINE Day Offer starts on Wednesday, Feb 9th and ends on Monday, Feb 14th!

Getresponse Valentine Day Offer 2022 Sale Get Up To 40% Off - TrueHomeOccupations.Com - how to grow website traffic organically

I hope you now understand the importance and need for this. So before you delay your time anymore, try to purchase a plan that suits you on GetResponse by Monday, Feb 14th with a 40% offer through my GetResponse affiliate link.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that you can get with GetResponse.

Features available to you at GetResponse vary depending on the duration / amount of one of the plans … However I think you can run your business profitably with this e-mail marketing tool.

All features names / info from GetResponse:

Lead magnet funnels, Marketing automation, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Data Segmentation, Website Visitor Tracking, A / B Testing, Dynamic Content, Analytics / ROI Tracking, Drip Campaigns, Email marketing, Personalized Email autoresponders, Sales funnel, Webinars, Paid ads (Facebook and social ads creator) are some of the important features available to you in GetResponse.

I mean these are not enough to bring a business to a good position! We also have an easy-to-use e-mail marketing tool!

Valentine’s day promo offer.

Get up to 40% OFF any plan and fall in love with automated marketing!

Based on an e-mail sent to me from GetResponse (at 9 Feb 2022, 8:41 PM) about the BASIC, PLUS, PROFESSIONAL GetResponse plans they offer for you and the discounts available on these (and how much % you can save on this) Let’s see clearly here.

  • BASIC – $ 15 – $ 9 (SAVE 40%) – $ 15 / month for 1000 subscribers.
  • PLUS – $ 49 – $ 29 (SAVE 40%) – $ 49 / month for 1000 subscribers.
  • PROFESSIONAL – $ 99 – $ 59 (SAVE 40%) – $ 99 / month for 1000 subscribers.
  • Max- Customized pricing.

As I told you before, the GetResponse plan will vary in its features and functionality depending on each paln (depending on the fee).

So you do not need to make any confusion (to choose) all of these .. That is, choose the plan that suits you first and then try to purchase it.

And if you have purchased a plan like yours through my GetResponse affiliate link I will get a commission – this will be a great help to me! 

Even if you go directly to GetResponse without my affiliate link you will get 40% off the offer. But there will be no one who will benefit you from it! Never forget that.

Instructions for using the GetResponse e-mail marketing tool for your customers.

This way you only send the e-mails you send to your customers 1 or 2 times a week for their benefit.

That means if you have 4,000 subscribers in your e-mail list, break them down first. Then your job will be to send them an e-mail according to a few plans.

Thank you for reading! guys.

This is an exclusive offer from Getresponse, so take the chance to save now. And share this precious opportunity with your friends as much as possible.

Getresponse Valentine Day Offer 2022 Sale Get Up To 40% Off - TrueHomeOccupations.Com - how to grow website traffic organically

* GetResponse Valentine day offer 2022 sale get up to 40% off – *

3. Add the push notification option to your website.

This push notification option will be of great help to you to immediately take the new article you are sharing on your website to your readers.

8 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog - True Home Occupations

If you are a first time visitor to my website my push notification will show you a subscribe option and ask you to click on it, that is push notification.

I have been using the push notification OneSignal for my website in the free plan. But with this OneSignal tool you can only cover a specific readers in the free plan. Use the OneSignal Premium package as your readership grows.

Adsense privacy policy updates 2022:

Update: Those who want to buy new Google Adsense approval in 2022 – first spend more time on your articles and publish useful information to readers. And turn off the “Push Notification” option on your website until you get Google Adsense approval for your website.

4. Create useful content.

Only share real and informative posts on your website. Make sure the posts in your articles are clear, have the right titles, easy to read and the right images.

When you write articles make sure it has images, charts, videos, infographics, tables and use it in your articles if you have other options.

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

If your readers are attracted to your website when they visit it, they will never forget your website and share it with their friend.

I provide all the information that meets the needs of the readers in all my articles without compromising in any way.

I will publish the article only if I get this kind of satisfaction, otherwise I will leave the article in the draft and think if I can add some more information in it.

Treat all the articles you write on your website equally. Take 4-5 days for all articles and try to add as much information as possible. No matter what niche you blog on, share all your experience and information with your readers.

Canva: Create all the posts, banners, and design you need for your website with the Canva free tool.

How to write a great article?

Only 40% of 100% of readers will read articles on your website a to z. The remaining 60% of people will drag your articles from top to bottom, read the conclusion and leave your article.

To attract readers like this to your page, write an article with Title, sub title, bullets, and numbers to attract your readers.

Your titles should be readable and understandable to readers. For some more examples, make sure your article is in the case of speech and has a small paragraph. And create a typography style for your website.

Note: How To Build A Website For SEO? You may need several months of blogging experience if you want to know the correct answer to this question without anyone’s help. But this SEO Buddy online blogging tool is designed to teach you this in a few months. Also, if you want to know the full benefits of these, visit the official page of this tool.

5. Write killer headlines.

Your articles headline is very important so set aside 15 to 20 minutes before writing an article and first think of a title that will impress the right readers.

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

After selecting the article title, start writing the article. Don’t forget to include your website name in your article title.

For example, if the title of an article of mine is “How to Get Traffic to Your Blog” I will attach the name of my website to it and write “How to Get Traffic to Your Blog – True Home Occupations” and publish that article.

Pro-tips: Use the WordPress free plugin “MonsterInsights plugin” to make your article title 100% SEO compatible when you write an article on your website. And with this plugin you can create a great article title.

6. Automate sharing your blog posts.

Are you new to blogging? If so this may be new to you. What it means is that those with more experience in this blogging industry will definitely be running 10 to 15 websites. The number of posts they publish is 6 to 7 per day.

And because they do so much work, they do not have enough time to track the traffic coming to their website through social networking sites and share posts. In such cases, they will use some tools to automatically share their posts on social media.

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

Thus there are many tools on the web that automatically share web site posts on social websites (Like Hootsuite and Buffer) and the tool used by most of them is Content Studio.

Take advantage if you are interested in this. Also my little advice is do not use this tool if you are a 1 or 2 website host. Because you can do it manually and reduce your cost.

7. Use Quora (Q/A website).

Everyone knows Quora is a Q&A website. Quora’s monthly traffic exceeds one million.

In it we are able to easily understand the questions that are asked day by day and the answers to them and what people are looking for in the present situation and what they need.

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

That’s why I say use the Quora app to get the traffic you need for your website.

Pro-tips: Do not share your affiliate products link directly on Quora. Doing so is against Quora’s privacy policy. So they are even more likely to block your Quora account.

💡 You can share the articles link of your website directly on Quora! It will not cause you any harm.

8. How to use instagram to drive traffic to your blog.

Instagram can also bring direct traffic to your website. Be sure to share all the posts you share on your website on Instagram, but do not share your article link in it. However, give the home page link of your website on your Instagram profile page.

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

If possible share some videos on your Instagram I’d. If you have 10,000 Instagram account followers, you can add a link in your story tab to bring your Instagram followers directly to your website.

RelatedHow to Make Money Blogging CONSISTENTLY.

How to get consistent traffic to your blog?

Update Your Old Articles: For example if you have published 80 articles on your website!

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

Even if it’s okay to write new articles again, try to update your old articles by reducing the time it takes to write a new article.

Get Google RANK #1: Update an article every 3 months and publish an article every week.

If you fail to do this your reputation on your website will start to decline and your Google Search Console will infect your website with Google RANK and your website will be downgraded to Google rank.

Get & Provide Backlinks: Backlinks are essential for the development of your website. Backlinks are links that other websites provide (linking) to your website’s articles.

This will allow those (other) website readers to visit your website and expand your readership.

You can access Influencer to get backlinks to your website easily or you can also get backlinks by giving your website posts useful readers. Other websites will come looking for you..

(Without Writing New Articles) 8 Clever Ways To  Grow Your Blog's Traffic | True Home Occupations - how to grow website traffic organically

Buy them backlinks from you! Because they know the specialty of your website. Use fast and clear themes for the look and feel of your website (like Astra, Reco, Breek).



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8 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog - how to grow website traffic organically

How to Grow Website Traffic Organically? 8 Best Methods to Grow Website Traffic!

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