How To Get Your First 1,000 Customers At Your Startup!

How to find your first client: A small business guide!


How to get your first customers?

9 Ways to get your first customer: Every business owner is able to start their business only after many hardships! However, they need many loyal customers to earn from it!

This post is just a list of some of the key strategies they should follow as they begin their quest. While some people have come to this post to learn how to get their first customers – you too can freely apply the following business strategies to your new business ventures.

How We Got Our First 1,000 Paying Customers in 24 Hours! -

Note: It is important to note here that if you pre-determine your business accordingly to “prioritize activities that are easy to get customers” rather than start a business entirely and then find customers for it later, customers will automatically find and flock to you.

How to get clients: 9 Actionable ways to get new clients [OR Your first client!]

How We Got Our First 1,000 Paying Customers in 24 Hours! -

Here are some early warning steps you should take to get your first customers for your business.

  1. You need to decide who your customers will be in advance – that is, before you even start marketing your new business. For this, you can research your local people’s needs or social networking groups. Because through these you can easily understand what things people are looking for the most in the current situation and what they need right now.
  2. You can freely do/provide advertising services where you can display ads related to your business on social web pages or using AdSense (on Google search) only to your local population.
  3. Read on for some great referral business deals. That is – for this you start sharing the good news about your business (new arrivals, discounts, and sale events at very low prices) to everyone you know. Be it online or offline!
  4. Join “Trade Associations” relevant to your industry in your town. This will automatically get you more customers and you will easily get to know how other business owners are running their businesses in your area with great profits! This way you can quickly develop your new business (note: try to friend as many business owners as you can in this process).
  5. For the business service, you can provide – you can freely sell related items! This will help your business progress. This means that if you are running a wedding venue decoration business, you can freely sell items that brides need.
  6. Start selling only high-quality items in your store. Even if you get very little profit in this! Because if you’re selling substandard products that can make a lot of profit, how will that one customer come back to your store again? And here you should not force sell any of your products to your customers. Also, try to develop a friendly habit – with your customers.
  7. Start collaborating with other business owners. That means to find people who do business related to your industry, and then – I refer my clients to your business, will you do the same for me? ask as For example if you own a computer store you can recommend a computer repair shop to your customers.
  8. You can create a blog for your business. And you can post your items for sale on it! It motivates customers to buy your merchandise.
  9. During this period all the social networking sites help the growth of a business both directly and indirectly! Yes, it will also play a role in your business growth. So you can freely share all your business-related news and ideas on your social media pages.

Note: You should treat your first business customers with specialness and you can record that precious minute and share it with your future customers. This is one of the ways to grow your business very quickly.

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How We Got Our First 1,000 Paying Customers in 24 Hours! -

How We Got Our First 1,000 Paying Customers in 24 Hours! –

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