How To Avoid Being Scammed On Venmo Text Message!

Venmo Scams: How To Help Protect Yourself?

Venmo scam text: You won’t receive any transactional text messages from Venmo for real! Don’t be fooled by the text messages you get from Venmo saying that you can exchange money through a few text messages or ways to invest your money, and through a few surveys.

Did you know that the number of people using the Venmo application for business transfers has now crossed 83 million? You don’t need to be shocked and surprised that its popularity is being exploited by fraudsters to the fullest extent. Who gives place to this? We! We give away all of our personal information to anyone who asks for a small prize or gift card! You can easily protect yourself from these types of money scams when you understand that this is a wrong and bad thing.

Venmo Text Scam: Don't Fall For These Fake Messages (Coinbase, Walmart Survey, Dangerous Dating Sites, and Amazon Prime) -

Let’s take a clear look at what shortcuts Venmo fraudsters use to reach you through text messages (gateways) and how you can easily protect yourself from them.

It all started when I received this email from Venmo notifying me that someone was trying to access my account. This email actually came from Venmo (I verified). 2/10

— Jon DeTrinis (@JonDeTrinis) August 6, 2020

Types of Venmo text scams include:

Note: You can opt out of the Venmo Notifications option using the settings option within your Venmo application – does that mean you want notifications from Venmo via mobile number? Or should it come through an email address? that.

Venmo Text Scam: Don't Fall For These Fake Messages (Coinbase, Walmart Survey, Dangerous Dating Sites, and Amazon Prime) -

Information about Venmo email notifications!

The information about the money transactions you made last month through the email address or mobile number connected to Venmo will come to your eyes at the beginning of this month. It is worth noting that Venmo needs “federal financial regulations” for this.

Note: If you are a Venmo customer and do not receive any notifications for any month – you will receive a quarterly information form for your Venmo transactions (which will clearly show the transaction information for the last three months).

It should be noted that recommendations sent to you through Venmo email notifications are mostly based on Login attempted, Add remembered device, Payment received, Charge request received, Charge request rejected, Charge request canceled, Direct deposit received, Likes, Comments, and Friend joined options.

Information on Venmo Text Notifications!

You don’t always have to include your personal information and your exact location in the recommendations sent to you by Venmo Text Notifications! That’s because many money laundering gangs will ask you for this information — to completely close your money transactions. To understand and act on this – and recommendations sent to you through these Venmo Text Notifications are mostly based on Payment received, Payment sent, Charge request received, Direct deposit received, Transactions, Comments, Friend requests, and Friend joined options.

Many money scams are still being done on Venmo by scammers using the Fake Survey Scam method.

Here’s how it happens – Scammers will first send you an empty message saying “You’ve just won $100 cashback“. But for that, you are recommended to do a survey that can be completed in two minutes! When you do so you will be asked to fill in various information like your personal bank account details. If you fill it out correctly it will force you to complete your cash transactions.

You will be easily fooled by this. Because their scam Venmo site looks exactly like the original Venmo site.

Don’t trust the term Deposit Confirmation either.

So Fake Deposit Confirmation Scam is also taking place nowadays. Here’s what you should know: Venmo doesn’t always ask you for permission to withdraw money from your account.

Note: It’s important to note that Venmo scammers don’t leave out this “Unclaimed Money Scam” type of money scam – it’s nothing more than a scam to steal your personal information. So be sure to understand the advice we have given in this post and protect yourself from these types of Venmo money scams. Feel free to share this with anyone if it’s useful – they better have a sense of forewarning too! We can’t help others with money this is a free safety tip – at least try to share it with them.

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Venmo Text Scam: Don't Fall For These Fake Messages (Coinbase, Walmart Survey, Dangerous Dating Sites, and Amazon Prime) -

Venmo Text Scam: Don’t Fall For These Fake Messages (Coinbase, Walmart Survey, Dangerous Dating Sites, and Amazon Prime) –

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