How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

Is 1.5% Cash Back Good For Credit Card Rewards?


Detailed information about credit card cash-back rewards! … How does 1.5% cash back work? Let’s say you now have a credit card in your hand. Now you take this credit card and go to a big market…

There you have caught an object, but if you don’t have enough money in your hand to pay for it at that time – you will lose that object of desire, won’t you? The glory of this credit card is that it lends you enough money in such situations without expecting anything from you.

Credit Card CASH BACK REWARDS is a bonus given to you every time you make a purchase using your credit card. Here you can redeem your CASH BACK REWARDS in dollar value or through points.

How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?
How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

When you buy your essentials online: Depending on which bank you hold your credit card under – when you redeem your CASH BACK REWARDS using points, your “REDEEMABLE POINTS” are taken into account and then returned to you.

Note: The CASH BACK REWARDS you will get are always given to you based on a certain percentage. We have seen these with a small example but we think you will understand the functionality clearly!

How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

Example – If your current credit card has a 1.5% PURCHASE REWARDS RATE… If you purchase an item (anything) using this credit card at the rate of “item costing $100” – the CASH BACK value you will get here will be at the rate of $1.50.

The CASH BACK values ​​you get here may seem very small to you in the beginning… but over time the rewards will add up for every cash transaction you make here! We’re just saying that in the end, the trickle is the trickle – meaning you’ll have huge savings on your hands.

How Do Cash Back Credit Cards Work?

It’s time for you to know exactly how CASH-BACK CREDIT CARDS work. When you use your CASH BACK CREDIT CARDS to buy things you need at grocery stores or buy gas for your vehicle from a gas station, you get a certain percentage of rewards here.

Here your rewards are determined based on how you use your CASH BACK CREDIT CARDS to “make purchases”. And you need to understand here that these CASH-BACK CREDIT CARDS can sometimes give you huge rewards.

How do CASH BACK CREDIT CARDS reward your everyday spending?

How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?
How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

Here you are rewarded for your spending in various ways. Let’s see clearly which ways they are…


FLAT-RATE REWARDS CARDS ARE NOT LIKE CATEGORY-SPECIFIC CARDS! That’s because the rewards you get here are a percentage of the price of the items you buy – that is, when you buy an item using FLAT-RATE REWARDS CARDS.

However, the rewards you get here are much lower than the values ​​available at points using CATEGORY-SPECIFIC CARDS.


None of us do impulsive things such as going on a trip, shopping for groceries, going to the cinema, or taking a short trip. Is it true that we plan to do all these things properly?

If there is a chance to get back a percentage of the money you spend in the form of CASH BACK on things like this, we would say that it is by using these FIXED-CATEGORY REWARDS CARDS.

Note: If you use these rewards cards (FIXED-CATEGORY REWARDS CARDS) for your daily expenses, you can get (earn) more rewards than when you use FLAT-RATE REWARDS CARDS.


These SOME CATEGORY-SPECIFIC CARDS are those that can give EXTRA-GENEROUS REWARDS only for a specific period (Monthly or Quarterly). Often these category-specific rewards are offered to you whenever you use your CATEGORY-SPECIFIC CARDS to purchase electronic items.

CASH BACK CREDIT CARD REWARDS are offered to you in two ways! Let’s see their explanation below.

CASH BACK CREDIT CARD REWARDS are offered to you in two forms: dollars and points.


It is no exaggeration to say that CASH REWARDS directly communicates with you through your bank account. Yes, if you want your CASH REWARDS dollars to come to you, it needs a path and that is your bank account. And here you have various facilities to redeem your CASH REWARDS in Dollars.

They are:

Check facilities.

etc. however the full control of this rests with your bank!

That is, use whichever facility your bank offers you in the above matters and get your CASH REWARDS in dollars 🙂


Generally, the monetary value of points is seen as greater than the dollar value of CASH REWARDS. However, this is sometimes seen as volatile – perhaps if the company you buy from has a green link with your bank account, your transactions will be rewarded with good CASH REWARDS.

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How Do You Earn Cashback On A Credit Card?

Well now let’s see how to easily get CASH BACKS on your CREDIT CARDS.

If you want to get the CASH BACKs you deserve when you purchase some items with the CREDIT CARD in your hands now, you need to register a few things in advance!

How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?
How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

They are:

  1. First you need to register with your bank to convert your CREDIT CARD to a CASH BACK CARD.
  2. Then purchase items that can be rewarded.
  3. Finally you will be rewarded depending on the bank under which you have bought the credit cards (through which you can get your refund).

You know exactly what you will spend every month! In situations like these, you can get huge rewards over time by buying and keeping credit cards that suit you. This is because many cards offer rewards and cashback pending during this period – which is of a nature that will give you great rewards when you make purchases.

If you’re not sure which card is right for you – feel free to visit the CREDIT JOURNEY SCORE DETAILS page on the site. Here all your confusion will be solved very soon!

You can save a lot of money on your cards if you make proper use of the times when special CASH BACKS are announced for your cards.

Yes, these are discounts or CASH BACKS announced during some significant festive periods! However, all these are only available for a limited number of days – and you can save a lot of money if you make the most of the opportunities.

Usually, more CASH BACKS are announced for electronic items! So you can focus your attention on the “shopping malls” on electronics and there are more chances of getting good rewards. Try to find the best rewards (and you can even get the highest rewards – just use a little knowledge).

Because dollar rewards and points rewards look the same but their values ​​are completely different! We don’t want to confuse you any more! Let’s be clear, listen…

You can easily redeem your CASH REWARDS although the reward value of the points is seen as slightly higher than its value. First, understand that the reason for this is the card issuers – how come they only offer bonuses to people who use points to buy things online… that’s the whole reason points are so valuable.

Cashback Credit Cards: 3 Things You Should Know Even Before Applying!

How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?
How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

Do you want a CASH BACK CREDIT CARD? If so, sign up now – however, there are a few important things you need to know before we go over them here.

Often a CASH BACK CREDIT CARD maintains your monthly payments and interest rates even in situations where you don’t pay them on time. With this, you can earn good CASH BACK REWARDS every year continuously.

Not everyone who has a credit card has a savings account in their bank account! This means that apart from the rewards you will get every month if you have a good saving in your bank account, there is a good chance that you will get a good amount of interest every month! Why shouldn’t you take advantage of these? So start saving as much as you can in your bank account from today.

Many cards offering CASH BACK REWARDS are outstanding today! However, if you know which one is right for you, you can reap great rewards with ease.

For example, let’s say one person goes to a restaurant every day and eats – while another person only searches for a restaurant twice a week, but that means both of them will need different types of CASH BACK REWARDS CARDS.

Therefore, first of all, when you choose your CASH BACK REWARDS CARD based on how your life journey has been and how the expenses are happening in it, the reward benefits that you will get from it will be in the best way.

What Is A Cashback Bonus On A Credit Card?

How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?
How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

A few important lines about CREDIT CARD CASH BACK bonus offers:

Most card issuers offer this CASH-BACK CREDIT CARD as a bonus to their new card customers. Through this, those new customers get many cash back rewards, credit or debit card statements, etc. However, the card holders opened based on these bonus offers have to be implemented by spending large or small amounts within a certain number of days.


How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?
How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?

If you read this post till the end, you must be thinking “How Does 1.5% Cash Back Work?” Get the correct answer to the question! If you have any other information on this topic, feel free to post it here… We’ll update this article with the answer – as soon as possible! Thanks.

What Does Cash Back On Credit Cards Mean?

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