How Can I Get A Free Gift Card Without Doing Anything?

How Can I Get FREE GIFT CARDS Online Without Completing Offers?


Free Gift Cards No Survey No Download:- For the sake of money we give up our daily pleasures and keep running towards a path of something every day.

Would you say no if someone gave you a few $$$ for free in such a situation where there is such an economic crisis? And people are happy to call them free gift cards.

Truly the word “free gift cards” will make everyone feel a little happy in their minds.

An important point is that this is the purpose of this post, which means that we have put together for you the names of more than five free gift card giving companies and tips and tricks on how you can easily get them, just to give you a little fun. 

So use the following companies and try to buy cheap (you need) luxury items.

Disclaimer: All links that relocate in this blog post are my affiliate links. Affiliate Links means I get a commission if you buy a product or service through my links (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

How To Get Free Gift Cards Without Spending Money

(Apple, Visa, & More) Free Gift Cards No Survey No Download: How can I get free gift cards instantly? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

Most companies that offer free gift cards (especially those that sell clothes, books, video games) continue to offer their gift cards to their customers according to an action plan framework for any festive season, weekends, birthdays, or once a year.

This is because if these companies provide these on a daily basis, there is a high risk that the financial position of these companies will be subject to a major edition. However not all the companies we have recommended for you in this post are compliant with such principles.

So you can use the following companies at any time – for your cash needs. And with this post, you can easily get out of the basic mindset that “we can only get free gift cards through shopping”.

10+ Best Ways to Get Free Gift Cards Online without Completing Offers!

1. Branded Surveys

You do not need to make any investment/down payment to get free gift cards at this company. Instead, do you just have a few (10-20 minutes) survey the products of the companies they recommend for you and make any changes to those installed products or services ‘for the benefit of the customers’? You have to tell them that.

This survey task is given to you because the company’s product or service is more likely to sell more (correcting mistakes in the product will increase the number of sales).

If you sign up for this company, you will be awarded 100 points. In this company you have to do small survey tasks and increase your 100 points to 1,000 points. Only then will you be able to transfer this money directly to your PayPal or bank account.

What you need to understand is that 100 points mean $1. So when you convert your 100 points to 1,000 points, it turns into $10. Also, you must have at least $10 in your Branded Surveys account if you want to transfer the money you earn from this company to your bank account.

(Branded Surveys)

2. Swagbucks

The company will give you a certain amount of rewards on a daily basis – these will depend on a few tasks you perform.

For example, if you join the company as a new member you will receive a $ 10 sign-up bonus from Swagbucks. Also, you can only transfer your savings to your PayPal or bank account if you have $ 25 (minimum) in your company savings account.

There are often processes you need to do to make money at this company – surveying a company’s merchandise, buying what you need online, trying to play a few game games online,

Or using Swagbucks Search Engine instead of how you’re searching for something based on what you need on Google. Sets as use. If you use this “Swagbucks Search Engine” for every search you make online, you will be awarded “so many points per search” by Swagbucks.

The Swagbucks site does not explicitly state how many Swagbucks points you will be awarded for this. However, you will definitely be sent an e-mail when the money is credited to your Swagbucks account.


3. Shopkick

With this company, you can make money in many ways, without spending any amount in cash upfront. To do this, install the official Shopkick application provided by Shopkick on your Mobile Phone.

Then with the help of that application, you can make money in this Shopkick application by scanning the items that you can buy in a few Target or CVS stores in your town. And all you have to do is watch a few videos released in these Shopkick applications to make money. 

Unlike other companies you do not have to add cash value as Points – that is, the company calls the points kicks and credits them to your Shopkick savings account as kicks. The value of 250 kicks is $1.


4. Honeygain

You need to sell your internet data to make money at this company – do not confuse. That means Honeygain will recommend you a few market ads. This is when you use the internet for your needs while working with this Honeygain application.

Then enough money for every MB of data you use will be deposited in your Honeygain savings account.

The company also offers you 1 Honeygain credit for 10 MB. In short, if you spent 10 GB of data using Honeygain, your return would be $ 1 USD. The company gives you 10 Honeygain credits for each content delivery process you undertake.

In addition, the company will store your personal data that you use through this company in its database but will never share your data with third-party companies.


5. Drop

With a few pseudonyms of the company, you can understand what the company is for or in any way. The company’s renames are computer-based rewards browser extension and smartphone rewards app.

The fact is that the users of iOS mobile phones often do not trust such applications.

But what is surprising is that even iOS mobile phone users have downloaded this application (1 million people). More than 46,000 reviews, and averaging 4.6 stars. Now I think you have a belief about this application. Yes!

Surely you can use this application and earn money in many ways. This is just like any other company! That means you have to register your debit card or credit card with this company.

If you have purchased any of the items online from the companies in this application, you will get the commission for that in 5-8 days in your Drop Savings Account.

You can use this amount for subscription plans at companies like Netflix, Starbucks, and a few other companies. If you recommend/share this application to 10 of your friends or acquaintances you will get 5,000 points i.e. $5.


6. Use Instagram To Find Gift Card Giveaways

Most free gift card companies use social networking sites to capitalize on the free gift cards they offer to all types of people around the world (to participate and receive prizes) and to promote their company. It also includes Instagram.

And most of the tasks for free gift card companies are for you – like liking, commenting, and sharing Instagram posts they post.

All you have to do is follow the Instagram hashtage groups that offer free gift cards like #giveaway, #contest, #sweepstakes, #freebie, #freebiefriday. This will bring you all the free gift card offers they offer right away.

7. You Only Get Paid If You Want To Promote A Company

A great example of this is the site “game apps“. And companies like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and a few other banks always offer a good incentive to people who share their company with others. Because companies like this just keep you up and increase their customer base.

8. CapitalOne Shopping

Let’s take a look at a few important things you need to know about CapitalOne Shopping. The company has both application and extension so you can use whichever of these is easier for you to use.

The company often offers you a cash-back coupon. It also had its origins in 2014 but came into full effect in 2018.

CapitalOne Shopping application or extension – Whatever it is, this processor will recommend you a few special offers and low-quality products when you attempt to purchase items in it.

This means that their referral system can be an advertisement or even a pop-up. Let us briefly look at the pros and cons of the CapitalOne Shopping application. – You can easily install this application.

And the method of use is easy. And here you can easily get coupons, CapitalOne Shopping credits, local deals, etc. The highlight of this application is that they will also give you a few early warning notifications so that they can easily reach you if any special offer or cheap quality items are sold for you from their side.

But gift cards are not offered to you at some of these merchandising sites. And using CapitalOne Shopping’s website you can easily convert the credits you earned at CapitalOne Shopping into free gift cards.

Note: You can usually payout even $5 gift cards. And if you recommend this CapitalOne Shopping application to your friends or acquaintances and they sign-up for this CapitalOne Shopping application through your personal affiliate link then you will get a good commission from CapitalOne Shopping Company.

But it will mostly depend on the number of people coming to this company through you (you will definitely get more commission if more people come).

(CapitalOne Shopping)

9. Ibotta

Ibotta – Origin 2012 is one of the most popular cash-back companies for groceries and one of the most widely used cash-back providers in the world. The Ibotta application is currently downloaded and used by over 22 million people. 

So far Ibotta has provided cash backs of up to $ 200 million dollars to its customers. With this Ibotta application, you can easily know the discount details of the items found in the grocery stores located in your town and around you.

Also with this application, you can do tasks like watching the video to get deals and answering a few questions in this application.

Next scan the receipts of the items you purchased in this Ibotta application and get the discounts you need – you must have done the scan of the purchased item and submitted it within a week of purchasing the item, otherwise, you will not get cashback / discount period will expire.

Or you could use a store loyalty card instead. At Ibotta you can easily find offers and discounts that suit you – and here you will find more deals, but you can only choose the deals manually. If you have saved $20 with this Ibotta application you can cash it out through methods like PayPal, Venmo, or store gift card.

Ibotta – Gives $ 10 cash-back to new entrants to their company (when do new customers use the first offers they have? Only then). And you can share this Ibotta with your friends! This will give you an affiliate commission. Here your sign-up commission is $5.


10. Fetch Rewards

You can use this application when purchasing groceries. Because this application gives you discounts like cashback – this is when you buy groceries for more than a certain amount.

If / how this Fetch Rewards application offers you cash backs, if the company has already given you any discounts on the groceries you purchase – Fetch Rewards will give you the appropriate discounts (cash backs) if you also attempt to purchase this item.

All you have to do is scan the receipts of the groceries you have purchased in this Fetch Rewards application. Is taken into account). And here, you can use the offers that are offered for you – you do not have to perform any special tasks.

With Fetch Rewards, you can get discounts from places like drugstores, grocery stores, liquor stores, and warehouse stores (Costco). But Fetch Rewards – do not offer discounts on all the items you buy because they expect certain requirements or limitations from you.

And you can not use the points you earn with this Fetch Rewards application as a cashback, because the company’s cash-out is always gift cards / these are the ones they give you. And you can only cash out gift cards from this application if you have 3,000 Fetch Rewards points – and you can approach retailers like Amazon, Target, and Sephora for this.

And with that comes another great way for you to make money at Fetch Rewards – affiliate marketing! This means that if you share these Fetch Rewards with your friends and they sign up through your Fetch Rewards affiliate link and scan and submit their first purchase receipt, you will receive 2,000 points from Fetch Rewards.

(Fetch Rewards)

11. MyPoints

This is an online survey site, and you can get more discount codes – up to a maximum of 40%. And there are 2,000 (stores) in this MyPoints application with companies offering such 40% discounts. And at MyPoints (this company) you have many ways you can earn rewards. They are,

  • Shopping online.
  • Watching videos.
  • Taking surveys.
  • Playing games.
  • Reading the MyPoints emails.

Is to carry out such. And with this, you can get the money you earn as gift cards on Amazon, and with it here are 75+ other retailers.

Finally, if you look at the benefits that are available to you through this company, you can use the MyPoints application for free, you can easily accumulate more points here and the money you get will come to you sooner – for which you will have more of any of your personal information with them. No need to grade.

But the point-tracking system found here will reduce the number of points you can reach / sometimes you will lose points. And those who want to make money with this application must go to the US. Must be a resident of cities such as Canada.

You do not have to have a certain amount of money in your MyPoints savings account to transfer the money you earn through this company to your PayPal account.

If you have shared this MyPoints application with your friends and they have also joined this MyPoints through your MyPoints affiliate link then you must have MyPoints from the side 25 points will be awarded.

If you are a newcomer to this company and purchased an item for $20 or more within the first 30 days of signing up for MyPoints, you will receive 750 points from MyPoints.


12. PrizeRebel

The company was launched in 2007 with a new twist in the online marketplace for the benefit of the people. The company has so far distributed $ 19 million worth of prizes and free gift cards to the general public, according to a report.

And can you believe if the company is currently offering you over 500 gift cards every day? Yes, it is true. Here you can convert the points you earn into gift cards. But here you have to do a few jobs to earn points. 

Often those tasks – taking surveys (small comparisons), watching videos (like looking at a few ads by advertisers), completing daily challenges (a few important things you must not miss), and signing up for offers with partner companies (suitable for you or Try to get approval with favorite companies).

This will allow you to easily convert the points you earn into free gift cards with the help of companies like Xbox, Gap, Kroger, and iTunes.


13. Survey Junkie

The only way you can make money with this company is through the “paid online surveys” system. That means you’ll not have all the chores like watching a lot of videos, answering a few questions correctly, and playing a few games (thus earning a few points or less than $ 1 cents)! 

Therefore – with this, you can use this Survey Junkie application very easily and simply. And if you want to get rewards in this application you must have 1,000 points (worth $10).

You can convert your rewards into gift cards and receive these directly through your PayPal or bank account.

(Survey Junkie)

14. InboxDollars

The current Trustpilot rating of this application is 4 out of 7,400 reviews. In addition, new entrants to the company are offered a $5 sign-up bonus on behalf of the company (InboxDollars). And in this application, it is like doing a few Survey jobs to make money!

By this you are a You can earn $0.50 to $5 per survey (for this you will work for 3 to 25 minutes per survey). But sometimes (occasionally) you get $ 20 worth of surveys – this is mostly based on the population/country census in your town. 

You can transfer the money you earn through this application to your PayPal account, check / through, or free gift cards – you must have at least $ 30 in hand / in your InboxDollars savings account.

There are also a few opportunities to donate the money you earn (if you wish) to the American Humane Society, the Red Cross, or another charity.


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