How Can I Become A Certified Personal Trainer For Free?

How To Become A Personal Trainer (Is Personal Training A Good Career?)

Personal Trainer As A Side Job: How To Become A Part-Time Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer As A Side Job: What is a personal trainer job? Is about – How do personal trainers make money on the side?

We will first look at it as a text message (in the form of a short message) based on (and the correct information for your question). Only then will you easily get a basic understanding of the personal trainer job.

For me, a personal trainer’s job is to pluck two birds with one stone or we can go one way, and the benefit we get from it is two – you can keep this however you want!

I mean the information I am coming to tell you here is that you will get more benefits if you do a personal trainer job.

Notably, physical exercise is a great thing that every human being can “compulsorily” require from his infancy (until death) until death calls itself natural. This is not always the only exception for you! Because you are a man too!! 

So you can do this personal trainer job (full time or part-time) – by earning money and health for yourself. This means that the income you get from doing this business will be approximately $55,000 – $75,000 a year. 👍!!

With more money, your health will automatically come to you through things like using this fitness equipment for your clients (i.e. your students) and telling them experiential things about fitness. I think this is 200% true, and this is what I call “two birds with one stone”.

Purpose of this post How do you easily start this personal trainer job? And treating them well and profitably? And to see briefly and the little advice needed for this.

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Do You Know Why Fitness Positions Require A Personal Trainer?

First, you need to understand one thing. That is, we try to do whatever we do in our lives that we must see or experience in others.

Only then can we find out if there is something wrong or wrong with what we are doing (by asking someone else) who is the best in the field and then do it right.

I mean I just say that a guru is a must in any profession or work and I hope your opinion will be the same. Accordingly, fitness positions will like this and hire a personal trainer.

Or you can start a gym yourself so that you can earn money and keep your students’ health and your health in a good way.

Now I am going to tell you this example you can keep imagining or believing it to be true! Because it is your choice.

But this information I am trying to say here is a random thing that is still going on in most gyms today.

What it means is that if a newcomer to a gym is in a state of mind (the first mistake most new students make, at their fitness centers) their fitness personal trainer will advise them that they need to lose or gain weight quickly during their 3 – 4 month early workouts. Disrespect means to act accordingly.

They make mistakes such as exercising to their liking and using overweight fitness equipment that does not fit their body weight.

The reward for them is that their body structure never changes as they think! That is the fact of the matter. Instead, the muscles in the body undergo a greater release and more fatigue occurs within a few minutes of exercise.

And the exercise they do for a muscle does not reach that muscle properly so many afflictions will eventually come/come as a reward to them.

I think and believe that a personal trainer like you is needed to save the (newly) fitness students from such troubles.

What Does A Personal Trainer Do?

Personal Trainer As A Side Job

Why would someone come to the gym or be eager to come? You need to know that first.

One thing everyone knows is that the motto “You can only draw if there is a wall” is still in practice in the world today! According to this, a man can easily succeed in his life and lead a safe life only if he keeps his body healthy.

That’s why a personal trainer tells his students – how students can stay healthy in their physical condition and what they need to do for it (for example, how to exercise properly, how to eat the right amount of balanced food at every meal, what foods to avoid, and what to avoid during exercise.

Is like recommending action plans such as stating the desired alcohol content) – etc. are clearly stated.

And since you’re a personal trainer – you’re doing it right for your students .. you do not need to feel compelled to show it to anyone officially.

And for this / that you do not need to have studied any separate course to run this business. 

Conversely, it is enough if you know how to properly use the fitness equipment available in the gym. And you need to pay more attention to the health of your students.

Even if you do these things correctly, you have a 100% chance of becoming a better personal trainer in your city in the future. The success of a business depends on the wishes of its customers, just like this personal trainer job.

That is to say, here you are focusing exclusively on the well-being of your students, advising them on the right ways to reach the top of their lives (providing nutrition tips, giving weight control, and helping them achieve healthy lifestyle improvements).

Personal Trainers Let’s see clearly how much they get paid for their part-time job or full-time job in the current scenario.

The “Bureau of Labor Statistics” – “Fitness Trainers and Instructors” from the company’s median annual wage is $ 40,510 and $ 19.48 per hour (May 2020). See the “2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics” image below for more information. 

The bottom 10% of Fitness Trainers and Instructors earn around $ 22,500 while the top 10% earn over $ 78,300. It is not enough for you to know the current salary of Personal Trainers. 

That means you (Personal Trainers) now (in the current scenario) must first clearly understand how and in what ways they are making money. Only then will you have a little pre-experience in it at first i.e. now (even while reading this post) you may get a little.

Prior experience is always, we never make the mistake of learning / making a mistake. We can feel free to pay close attention to what someone is saying or take a few articles like this (read clearly) for a while.

“Your experience will always come before your eyes as your greatest teacher (which will give you many benefits).”

OK! If you ask me how do those who are currently in a great position as Personal Trainers make money? My answer,

  • It is a well-known fact that most Personal Trainers work in the gym for their regular job as a Personal Trainer for a fixed salary (part-time or full time) and today it is practiced all over the world 80% of the world. / You can keep it as practical as you want.

But what if some of these (only 20% out of 100% – the best and most experienced Personal Trainers) would do:

Never make mistakes like working directly in gyms and working overtime for low pay. Because they are well aware of their value, the benefits they bring to the people, and the need for their needs.

And if you want to become a Personal Trainer, try to understand this a little bit – which means that even this can be a reason for the quick success of their Trainer job and higher income. 

So even if it was of no use to you in the early days! Surely this will be of great use to you and your future.

So instead of working directly in the gym, they are still making a lot of profit by doing a few good private fitness centers, going directly to clients’ homes and giving them the best workouts, and doing fast, beautiful things online as well.

In addition, Personal Trainers who have the best and most social media followers have a sponsor fee of $10 to $1,000 + to advertise the ad, even for publishing a sponsored post on social networking sites that are still widely used by people around the world, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So they collect. It is currently the largest digital marketing process online with affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

If you do not have the desire to do a personal trainer job full time, if you have any reluctance in your mind, or if it is not suitable for your current situation, you can generously do this personal trainer job part-time and earn $ 800 – $ 1200 per month. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

The best way to do this is to always recommend online. This is because in the current scenario even the biggest personal trainers can easily sell their services online to others (customers) i.e. earn $1,000 or more a month by selling.

If we look at this in detail it would mean that those who offer a personal trainer course online for an hour earn $13 – $28.

The fact of the matter is that they have now converted this into a passive income through a few regular customers. 

You too can do this generously, earning more or less the $$$ you need, quickly or easily (if this is to your advantage, you need to be more concerned about your customers’ bodies and know the country’s current and charge a reasonable fee.

You just have to do it! I mean, you’re going to see the reputation you get and the number of good clients you get in this personal trainer job – even if you invest all your effort and effort in it).

I told you I would give you a good example of this! Let’s see it here now.

Is this personal training still available for free on Google today? Does anyone offer free personal training for a limited time or at a reduced rate? There is a separate group worldwide to search for that.

So never think that this personal training job is so easy/big income is not available at all.

A few companies offer personalized training courses online (such as those looking for free personal training courses) for free, earning over $2,000 a month.

I have attached here for you the names of a few of the important companies in this post! Those companies are Chantal Steele, NASM CPT, and Ironwild Fitness.

This includes Ironwild Fitness, which affiliate (affiliate marketing) agreements with affiliate programming companies on several popular digital products on its website, sell their products, and place advertising on their website with advertising agencies such as Google Adsense or

They make good money every day depending on the number of readers. Can you follow this too?

How To Become A Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer As A Side Job

Our next step/step is to quickly become a personal trainer online. I mean being a personal trainer is a very easy thing, but for most people, it can be a little difficult in the early days.

This is an illusion that others can cast on you as far as I am concerned! You can easily recover from this – it takes a little courage and effort on your part. Because in the current situation there are many ways online for you to become a better personal trainer.

Notably, many of the companies that offer certification to become personal trainers, specialties, and many professional paths to becoming a personal trainer are still found online today at very low prices (which you can even consider the tuition fee you can pay for this).

Despite the many personal trainer courses available online, you should not be confused by this! That means you must first decide which of the personal trainer professional paths is right for you. Then if you follow it you will have a good future in this personal trainer job.

And I have included a few important steps for this in this post – we will see them here now.

  1. Like all businesses, this means that your business development is in your hands.

That means you can do this personal trainer job that you do – to your liking and earn income for it. To be clear, your income will be the same as the work you do.

Specifically, the group fitness classes you take (at the gym), and the training of your clients – these you can do directly or online for your clients (for this you can use your home or your clients’ home – often you go directly to your client’s home for this.

If you train them you will earn a little more than they would come directly to your home and train). I have a simple algorithm for you to do these things correctly.

Try to follow this first as much as possible – is it possible that someone in your town is doing this personal trainer service that you can provide first? Do they offer their service to their customers directly or online? You need to research everything carefully first.

Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren’t worth the fight.

  1. Try to develop your skills as much as possible.

I mean, as I said before, there are many types of personal trainer jobs. So in this personal trainer career try to have 3 to 5 career types in your possession without ever being the only one of the career types you choose.

Because with this you can always be in this (personal trainer career) career with more job opportunities and higher income. It’s a fact that you can easily protect yourself from your economic crises and troubles!!

If you are not able to give your full involvement in many aspects of your trainer career, try to be highly skilled (compared to your competitors) in only one of the many types of personal trainer career – this too will give you the maximum profit and job search quickly.

I will cite many people as a good examples of this, but the one I know best is James. Because he earns $ 5,000+ a month doing his athletes career exclusively on track and field.

3. Do You Want To Become An Accredited Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer As A Side Job

To do this you must first select the appropriate personal trainer certification for you. There is an easy way for you to choose this – that’s just a few steps you can take in this profession, i.e. you first think about how and what career you want to pursue in this profession!

Do this first. Then after you have chosen who we are going to work for, you can easily choose this personal trainer certification which is suitable for you.

And nowadays all the companies that offer personal trainer certifications put a few expectations in front of you.

They must be at least 18 years old, you must have CPR certification, and you must pass the exam they offer you.

(this exam costs between $99 and $800, for example, the certification fee for the American Council on Exercise is currently $600.

And the National Academy of Sports Medicine certification fee is currently $800).

  1. As a final step, you need to carry out a few marketing strategies for the development of your (this personal trainer job) business.

By now if you have done all the steps I mentioned above correctly – it means that you now have all the qualifications to do a personal trainer job on your own.

And if you want to take this / your trainer job to the next level as the next step you need to follow a few popular marketing strategies! These are plentiful at present, but there is no compulsion that you should use all of these for the growth of your business.

Conversely, if you follow 3 or 5 marketing strategies it is enough for your business growth. The types of marketing strategies I refer to are blogging (following how you provide your services through content marketing), following the podcast method, or starting a YouTube channel.

You can also post your trainer job skills as a video and post it for free as a video on Instagram,, or Facebook. You can do this for free, but I do not know how much it will benefit you!

Because it is a fact that we can not say for sure that the customers who watch the videos among you will be forced to live near your hometown or your home.

But instead, can you advertise Google or Facebook ads (costing $5 to $15 a day) to spread the word about your service to people in your town, that is, near you? I just think it will benefit you.

What are the steps you must follow in your Training Job – in which you can easily grow! Let’s see now.

The fact is that we can not always rely on personal training job instructions in this industry!

And if we look at this clearly, 35% of 100% of people in the world do not have access to a personal trainer like you to save their money (without wasting money focusing on their fitness reasons) – by the way, these are just a few YouTube free videos, or Instagram will use clips. 

But people like this will come to the point of asking you for a few things! Let’s see clearly about them and how you can make money on them.

1. Create a balanced meal schedule and you can sell it to your customers.

Personal Trainer As A Side Job

That means creating a clear schedule for your customer to tell them what foods to eat at what times to maintain their physical health and selling them for a certain amount.

2. You can group your skills in this business and sell them in the form of a digital fitness course.

Personal Trainer As A Side Job

That means you can register your skills in this personal training job and all the things you know as a digital online course and try to sell/sell it as a package.

3. You can also do affiliate marketing.

In short, you can recommend and sell the fitness equipment your customers need through your affiliate link – which will get you a commission. 

For this, you can use sites like the Amazon associate affiliate program, or FlexOffers. You can also handle the Dropshipping method here.

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A few more ways:

Personal Trainer As A Side Job

=> If you have your blog about personal training — Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may also be able to manipulate activities such as affiliate marketing and sponsored programs to your advantage.



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