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What are the duties and responsibilities of an Executive Assistant?

What is an Executive Assistant?

Supporting executives with “higher responsibilities” working in public offices and private companies is seen as the basic characteristic of administrative assistants. They can manage an executive’s schedule, make proper travel arrangements, prioritize and respond to executive emails, act as a receptionist or gatekeeper in many critical situations of understaffing, and act as a liaison between senior executives and anyone who wishes to meet with them. Acting as a liaison is also seen as one of many important jobs.

“They’re the right-hand man, even for big executives,” says Mary Grasswright, chief business development executive for the City and County of Denver’s mayor’s office.

In many important cases, administrative assistants supervise other support staff about the development of work – for example, Grassright manages all or several of the mayor’s key office training programs in addition to providing all necessary support to the mayor’s key staff.

“I love winning matches and I’ll challenge anyone,” Grasswright says. “I always love the self-autonomy and empowerment that comes with my involvement and the unlimited confidence that I have in a leader making decisions on his behalf or saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ You do not doubt that they are capable.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth for administrative assistants is projected to increase by 18.7% between 2022 and 2030. In the coming period, more than 100,600 jobs will be created, the report says.

How Much Does an Executive Assistant Make?

Administrative assistants earn a median salary of $65,550 in 2022, the current year. The top-paid 25 per cent earn up to $81,620 this year, while the lowest-paid 25 per cent earn just $53,450.

How to Become an Executive Assistant?

It is no exaggeration to say that executive assistant jobs usually require higher or relevant education and a few months of experience. (internet in this industry) An entry-level or entry-level position often requires only a high school diploma, while many other companies are very interested in hiring administrative assistants with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and secretarial experience in some large or prestigious companies.

A key piece of information for the sector, Grassright says, is that three or five years of experience is often the most important factor for senior executive assistants supporting someone in the C-suite position.

Although administrative assistants are not required to have any academic qualifications such as bachelor’s or master’s degrees, it is seen here from a sector perspective that further studies in business administration leadership responsibilities or communication are very helpful.

Although professional credentials like Certified Administrative Professional certifications and Microsoft Office are not very important to get a job in this industry, there is no doubt that these certifications can be a great help or tool to showcase your skills to some big employers.

How would your mindset be if you chose this job?

30-60% of Americans are working well by the age of 59, meaning they are functioning in good mental and physical health. Through these, we can feel that they are doing what they love!

There is no doubt that any job that leads to very low stress, a good work-life balance environment and guaranteed opportunities for career advancement, promotion in the office and higher salary will easily make many employees happy!

It’s no exaggeration to say that Executive Assistants are extremely satisfying to work with and have peace of mind! We looked at upward mobility as “opportunities for advancement and salary is average”, stress level as “complexity of work environment and job responsibilities are also average” and flexibility but only as “comparable to alternative work schedule and work-life balance” appears to be very high.

Is being an administrative assistant difficult?

Given all or most of the demands placed on CEOs, it is worth noting that the working hours for their EAs can be very long, somewhat difficult, and most of the time highly stressful. Most assistants in this industry see their primary job as understanding and responding appropriately to all incoming calls 24 hours a week.

Which Degree is Best for an Administrative Assistant?

It is worth noting that you can also pursue a bachelor’s degree in a discipline-specific discipline to become a good administrative assistant. But it is a fact that if your field of study is in business, communication, business administration or a related field, it will give you great job opportunities in this field. It is worth noting that you can also try to get a master’s degree in office administration, which can easily get you many big promotions.

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