Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples and Templates

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example & Tips


Excellent Executive Assistant Cover letter: Any graduate has to fight for his job during this period and face a lot of great competition. In such a competitive world, no matter how talented you are, if you want to land a good job, you need to prepare yourself for it – be it physical appearance and a resume that showcases your education, skills, and other knowledge!

In this article, we are going to see clearly how you can make your resume very attractive by using an executive assistant cover letter.

What should an executive assistant cover letter say?

What are the benefits of an executive assistant cover letter?

By using this executive assistant cover letter for your resume appearance, your resume will stand out from other well-written and more informative letters! By this, you will get a direct interview for a job opportunity easily.

Let’s take a look at one type of executive assistant cover letter as an example below. And it is worth noting that you can freely use these for both your administrative assistant and personal assistant job opportunities. Which career field you choose to apply to is entirely up to you!

How do you start a cover letter for an executive assistant?


Your Name
Your Address
Your Contact details (phone and email)


Hiring Manager
CBA Company
13 East Parkway
Long Island, NY 11744


A few days ago I saw your advertisement in XYZ newspaper that there is a vacancy for the post of Executive Assistant with a good salary. I think I have at least 98% of the qualifications and skills that you have stated in the advertisement that the employees applying for this job should possess. That is why I am interested in this job and am sending you this job offer letter. And I would like to highlight my skills in this industry for you here.

  • I can effectively support executive staff with CFO and CEO positions.
  • I also have excellent management skills. And I am very good at communication and letter writing.
  • I have learned to collect the available information in depth without leaving one place. And I have realized many times that my analytical skills and coordination skills have been greatly improved.
  • I can schedule upcoming executive meetings, meetings, and cash flow arrangements promptly! And I don’t think you need any doubt that I am a skilled person who can easily solve some of these unexpected problems.
    • I will always support the growth and development of your management. And I always strive for excellence in my office work. By these, I am sure that I will complete my work in due time without any delay.
    • I can make a positive contribution to your company’s growth! I would like to meet you in person regarding this and receive your job offer. If you like my job application, please try to contact me by phone or email for your “recruitment interview”.

    I would highly value any of your decisions. Finally, my sincere thanks to you for taking the time to read this bite. Please note that I look forward to your next letter and look forward to talking to you about work.


    Ben Jobseeker


    Executive Assistant Skills

    Your cover letter for applying for an executive assistant job is very important in determining whether you get the job offer or not.

    So while creating these it is your responsibility to make sure that it reflects your skills, strengths and experience or if it does not.

    Try to develop what qualifications you think would be perfect for this job offer and then try to list them in your cover letter.


    It is worth noting that you can use the sample “Executive Assistant cover letter” that we have recommended for you in this article to create the resumes needed for an executive assistant and personal assistant jobs in the best possible way.

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