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Countdown Timer Blogger: We can not say for sure that everyone who comes to this blogging business (why me too) invests a huge amount of money in their early days and buys hosting sites like WordPress, and Cloud Hosting and starts their blogging business.

In The New Way: How To Add A Download Timer Button In Blogger? - True Home Occupations.

Because if we assume that we are creating a website from scratch, that site will take at least 2 to 3 years to reach great popularity with the people. This is a random account! This means that you can complete the process in 8 to 13 months if you are highly skilled (and you can work as a team in this process – it will be a great help to you and pave the way for you to make more money in this business).

Most new bloggers in situations like this do not invest money in this blogging business! That means they will start their blogging business by spending money only on essential things. Among the many ways they do this is the following step that I am about to tell you now – that is, first buy just one domain and link it to a free hosting site called BlogSpot, which is provided by Google, create a website for themselves and share many informative posts on it and then buy Google Adsense approval ads.

They show it to their readers and make money from it. Do you know a thing? I am doing the same process on this True Home Occupations site. Yes! I have not yet converted this site to WordPress – there is the main reason for this. I mean it’s been less than 6 months since I started this site and to a lesser extent readers have come to my site (this is a common problem that all new bloggers encounter. And all of these issues will be fixed automatically overtime! … Do not be indifferent because your site is a tool that will protect you financially in the future).

There is nothing wrong with a new blogger starting his blogging business with free hosting! Because of this, he does not need to face any economic crisis. That means he can easily fix even the biggest mistakes and if not he can even create a new website in a few minutes (which is good for you!).

But we can say for sure that even in situations like this one of the problems will never come to you! That means the problem will come but it will only affect you financially.

To be clear, let’s say your site has acquired Google Adsense approval on the Blogspot for free hosting (i.e. like me). However, sometimes the ads that Google Adsense publishes on our Blogspot hosting site do not show up fully to our readers! This is because Blogspot hosting is free hosting – because even if we use free hosting it will never become WordPress.

Countdown Timer Download For Blogger.

The benefits of WordPress are many. Over time, you will learn the benefits of this yourself.

However, keeping in mind that we are now using the free hosting Blogspot provided by Google – it is a fact that this will affect the revenue of our website. This post is the perfect answer for you if you ask what we can do about it “without spending any investment”!

Yes! By using the “Download button with timer” option that I will mention in this post, you are more likely to double your current revenue (via Google Adsense) automatically.

So if you have not yet purchased Google Adsense approval for your site then this is my “How to get Google Adsense approval for our new website in 6 hours? I mean how did I get it?” Read the post! You must have a clear understanding of Google Adsense through these posts.

We will look at each of the benefits we get from linking the download timer button on our website.

Readers who visit our website – this will pave the way for them to spend more of their time on our site. This will increase the SEO ranking of our website on Google. As a result, Google will recommend your site to more readers as organic – increasing your site’s revenue automatically.

 Well, now we will see clearly how to easily link the download timer button on your site.

How To Add A Timer Download Button In HTML.

Activity 1:

Now you need to choose the download file that you can provide to your readers! Then upload it to Google Drive and edit the link a bit and change it to a direct download link. I have already mentioned these functions on my site TrueHomeOccupations.Com. And I’ll link to it here! If you read it you will get clarity about this (about this process).

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Activity 2:

What you need to do for these functions: –

Just read the above post and paste the direct download link you will get through it in the “Countdown timer button HTML” code that I will give you. Don’t worry I’ll show you the place clearly! All you have to do is paste the code once into the download link that I provide.

Countdown Timer Button HTML.

In The New Way: How To Add A Download Timer Button In Blogger? - True Home Occupations.

Note: The “Countdown timer button HTML” code that I have provided to you will have a # place. It will be like pasting your direct download link there – that is, after removing that # from there. If in doubt, take a look at the example image I have posted here.

Activity 3:

Download Button With Timer: You can even adjust its Countdown time in your “Countdown timer button HTML” code. That is, information (facilities) that can increase or decrease the countdown time.

Note: If you want to change the countdown time in this code – first you have to look at the 2 places where the number 15 is located. You can then customize it to your liking.

Activity 4:

This edited code will work wherever you post it on your website.

Note: You can use this below your posts or by creating a separate page (optional). You have to wait 61 seconds.

Generating Download Link…
Download Now

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In The New Way: How To Add A Download Timer Button In Blogger? - True Home Occupations.

In The New Way: How To Add A Download Timer Button In Blogger? – True Home Occupations.

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