50 Good Ideas for Cleaning Company Names

50 Business Names For Cleaning Companies!

Cleaning business names: If you are thinking of starting a new cleaning company business — first know what you need. Generally, a cleaning company business requires investment, equipment, and skilled workers.

However, more important than this is your business name which easily brings your business to the minds of customers. Therefore, you should make sure that your business name is short enough to be easily remembered by customers and that it reflects your business type.

We hope you realize by now that your business name is very important. Also, your business name is more likely to appear on your cards, brochures, flyers, and logo, so when choosing them, make sure it’s catchy and concise (don’t create a business name using confusing words!).

50 Cleaning Business Names

Now let’s take a look at what business names can make your new cleaning company stand out. And after first considering which of these names will suit your business structure and needs, choose it properly then the business name you have chosen will be suitable for your company.

A) Creative Cleaning Business Name Ideas.

Here are the top 10 creative cleaning business name ideas:

Good Polish

Golden Polish

Perfect Touch

Clean Maids

Cleaning Agent

Polish Corner

Fresh Game of Soaps

Heaven Dust Solvers

Dirt Home Polish

Extreme Cleaners

B) Awesome Cleaning Company Names.

Here are the top 10 stunning cleaning business name ideas:


Pro House Maid 2 Clean

Queen Bee Cleaners

Revolution Simply Clean

Four Maids and a Mop

Polished to Cleaning

Not Just Dust Team

Manage Your Stress

Cleaning by Need

Cleaning Solutions

C) Professional Cleaning Business Names.

Groups who want to start a professional cleaning company can use any of the following names for their company.

Fast Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services

Perfect Cleaning Services

Better Cleaning Services

Good Cleaning

Beyond Cleaning Services

Buds Suds Super Cleaning Services

On-time cleaning services

Spotless Dust Cleaning Services

Cool & Bright Cleaning by Design Services

D) Unique Cleaning Business Names.

Here are the top 10 Unique cleaning business name ideas:

Extreme Cleaners

London Maid

Cardinal Cleaners

Cleaning by Design from Maids

Executive Daisy Maids

Red Clean Team

Hands & Knees Cleaning Services

Forget We call maids for better cleaning

Goody House Cleaners

Heaven Scent Office Cleaners

E) Funny Cleaning Business Names.

It is important to note that the ten Cleaning Business Names we recommend here will be funny enough to make your customers happy.

Inner Dustbusters

Grime Scene Cleaning Services

Maid To Order

Touch of Class Cleaning Services

Busy Bee Maids

No Dust Anywhere

Day & Night Green Cleaners

Fresh Start Office Cleaners

Three Star Cleaning Services

Organize, Clean, Repeat Wowy

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