How to Start Cashew Nut Processing Business in 6 Steps

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Cashew nut processing: We did not doubt that these cashews are one of the favorite crunch foods for humans. However, it is not easily available for humans ie to create!

Now that we have talked about making cashews, let us come to the purpose of this post. However, it is good that you know about the making of cashew nuts because cashew nuts are the raw material for the cashew processing industry!

How did the cashew processing industry take off?

Cashew Processing Industry – This is a moderately difficult industry but many people are looking for this industry during this period as it is very lucrative. However, not everyone who starts this business is successful. Because cashews do not grow well in all kinds of places, those who are close to cashew growing areas can start this business with overconfidence and high profits – and the same goes for you.

It is possible that you can process these cashews and make a good profit. This is because you need to know that you will get more food items from cashew processing operations and its price values ​​are going very well in today’s market.

This is the answer to those who ask what kind of things we are going to get from this cashew processing industry! The cashew nut processing industry provides cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), dried, and roasted cashew nut.

Briefly, cashew processing is a process of extracting edible kernels from cashew nuts. And to do this you will need processing plants – which you can implement either semi-automatic or fully automatic depending entirely on your personal preference.

We can’t tell you exactly how much money you need to invest if you want to start a cashew processing business – that is, your investment here depends on your needs. If the demand is low, you will put fewer investments in the business, if the demand is high, your business investments will be accordingly.

6 Steps to Start Cashew Nut Processing Business.

A) First try to understand the current market situation.

People mostly like to eat raw cashew nuts as they are, but many people avoid eating them as they are harmful to the body if they are eaten raw.

Apart from this… small cashew farms are daily looking for big or small cashew processing plants to process the cashews they produce. Because raw cashew nuts cannot be processed properly without machinery!

Cashews are always in short supply in all kinds of countries. And these are required to sell more in places like grocery stores, supermarkets, and malls.

On the other hand, demand for cashews is also high in bakeries, confectioneries, hotels, sweetshops, and restaurants – for consumption.

B) You must also know how to process Cashew nuts deliciously.

First, buy raw cashew nuts from the markets in your town or the farmers at the lowest possible price.

Then get ready to process your purchased raw cashew nuts. For this the first thing you need to do is to dry the purchased raw cashew nuts in sunlight for 2 to 3 days – finally, store them in jute/Koni bags. If you have done this correctly, your raw cashew nuts will be somewhat pure.

If we take the above operation as the first step, the second step is to boil the raw cashew nuts that you have stored in a jute bag in a pressure cooker. With this, you can easily remove the top shell of raw cashew nuts.

The third step is to remove the boiled raw cashew nuts from the shell and cut the shell lengthwise.

The fourth step is to remove the surface skin of the cashews – for this, you can dry the cashews in the oven at medium heat.

Step 5: Remove the delta which is the outer pink skin of the cashews. Then classify the cashews by Agmark quality.

The sixth step is packing your cashew nuts for sale. Bags carrying cashew nuts must be filled with CO2 or N-gas. Here if you choose N-gas as your option you have more chances to reduce costs in this packing process.

C) Create a Cashew Nut Processing Business Plan.

You will need a professionally documented business plan to legally register your profitable cashew nut processing unit. For this, you must create business plan templates – you can write these yourself or approach professional business plan writers to write the best professionally documented business plans for your business.

D) Make sure that you have enough cash on hand and with this, you may have to buy cashew nuts 4 – 6 months in advance.

First, you need to understand that the cashew processing business is not that easy. Yes for this you may need more land, building, machinery, equipment, allied civil construction works, etc.

For all this it is good and even necessary that you keep some cash on hand as much as possible – if you can you can get a good investor for your business.

E) Center your company where the business is most profitable.

That is, you buy cashews from another place and then process them, after deducting the income from expenses, waste, and material loss in proportion, then you take the amount as profit, friends?

Isn’t the most important thing you think about when you are in a situation like this is how to prevent unnecessary losses in the business?

So make sure your business is near cashew-growing areas. This way you can avoid the cost of importing and exporting raw materials.

If you think your company plant is small enough then 600 sq. Take the mt size as a measure and don’t think that you can reduce the land size more than this, it is more likely to affect your business in the works.

F) Think about what can be done to expand the business.

Online is the only easy way to expand any business. This means you can create a personal website and sell your product (worldwide). Or you can create eye-catching products and sell them directly on sites like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay.

Whatever product you offer, try to provide it with quality, no matter how low the rate. Because quality is more important than quantity to people and that is what they expect.

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