10 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

10 Beginner Mistakes That Cripple Blogs in Their First Year

Blogging mistakes for beginners: Most people who decide to earn online will choose to blog. Because in this they are not going to reveal their face, voice, and presence!

What kind of mindset does someone who starts blogging come into this field?

It is not wrong for any person to start blogging to earn money. But are they putting the effort, effort, and time into their blog? That is what is important here. No business fails! If there is good commitment and involvement in it. So whether you are doing this blogging full-time or part-time you should be successful but follow the steps we are given below. Believe wholeheartedly that blogging will change your current life and you will surely succeed in this field.

Note: You can see good income/profit in this blogging business only if most of the readers come to your blog daily through the Google search engine. So you need SEO advice to do this right for your site.

10 Blogging mistakes most beginner bloggers make!

Blogging mistakes for beginners
10 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Are you new to blogging? Don’t worry you will learn more about blogging with time. However, there are many things that you should know before starting a blog that is very important for you. We’ve summarized some of them in this post – stick with it.

Blogging mistakes for beginners:

1) What should the information in the records depend on?

Often people who are new to blogging write and share what they know. I don’t think this is useful to anyone!

You won’t be the only one reading your posts. So what do people need in the current situation and how can we best provide them? Or give – only after researching all the angles to start creating your posts.

2) Can I visit my blog myself?

It is very wrong for new bloggers to visit their blogs multiple times a day. As much as possible, do not share new blogs with anyone – i.e. your family members, or friends.

3) How many posts should I share per day?

It is good that new bloggers ask this question. But, indeed, they don’t share even one post per day properly.

So if you are a new blogger then write and share at least one post daily. Make sure the words are at least 300 to 700 – your posts will get good views.

4) Do I need to take training to write posts?

New Bloggers – No need to take any training to start Blogging. However, if you have come to this business, you must keep learning at least one thing about this business every day, only then you will be successful here.

Most of the readers who come to our blog are not going to read our entire post. So you don’t need to talk about any unnecessary things here. Learn to say only what the audience needs without any mistakes.

5) It is wrong to repeat certain things in records.

For example, if you repeat (repeatedly) a piece of information in your same post it will eventually become pointless.

Blogging mistakes for beginners:

6) What should be the purpose and concept of the record?

The purpose of the post you write should depend on your topics. A monotonous title and monotonous content of your posts will make your readers cringe.

7) Decide whose problems your blog is going to help solve before starting your blog.

If you choose a topic and share posts, never change that topic. For example, you post about food but you should not (ever) change your site’s niche just because it has a low readership and high online competition.

8) How long does it take for a new blog to rank in the Google search engine? What are the mistakes new bloggers make here?

New bloggers expect to see good profits from the day their blog is launched. But this is practically impossible! Because this blogging industry is very competitive.

It usually takes 6 to 8 months for new blogs to rank in Google. And this is only if that new blog has a series of shares! The condition is that the posts must be unique and belong to the same niche.

9) How many posts should you have on your blog to make a good profit?

A blog’s revenue and its number of posts are inextricably linked. That means if you have a clear, high volume of comments on your site, and only 30 posts in the same niche – your blog will earn you $200 – $450 per month.

Even if you share 100 posts on your website as unqualified posts it will do you no good! Not even $0.01 a day.

Also, try to meet the readership requirement in the posts.

10) Can I share blog posts on social media?

If you are looking to access Google Adsense to earn from your blog then you can share as many of your posts on social media sites as you like before your post gets AdSense approval. Doing this after you get AdSense approval for your site can seriously affect your site earnings – so we don’t recommend it for new bloggers like you.

10 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make!

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