Best Fashion Bloggers In Utah

On Our Radar…Utah-based Influencers


In this post, we are going to talk about the various fashion bloggers in Utah.

There are generally two types of fashion bloggers in Utah – one group blogs about the latest outfits they wear every day and the other group of bloggers go a step further and give their readers tips on how to live a beautiful and healthy lifestyle.

To be specific, these include health, wellness, and nutrition!

The Best Fashion Bloggers In Utah

You can follow the blogs of Utah’s best fashion bloggers from anywhere in the world and easily change your everyday style with their tips!

Utah fashion bloggers usually review all kinds of clothing styles on their blogs – from street style to everyday wear to all fashion tips. We can say that this is a piece of happy news for women!

1) Aileen Xu

She is a Utah-based fashion blogger and is currently running a fashion YouTube channel.

LivvyLand – is the name of her blog and it was started in 2009.

2) Courtney Sevener

She is also a Utah-based fashion blogger, but she also regularly covers a topic called lifestyle in her blog.

Pink Champagne Problems – is the name of her blog.

Courtney Sevener started her Pink Champagne Problems blog in 2010 and continues to share her styles, fashion tips, and tricks with her readers.

Here’s a simple guide to identifying the best fashion bloggers in Utah.

Often the people who become great fashion bloggers are those who enjoy styling, modeling, and designing in their personal lives or work in related fields.

Only then will they be able to meticulously create helpful tips on personal style, fashion trends, and wardrobe choices to suit this world.

The following three Utah-based fashion bloggers deserve all of these skills!

If you’re looking for some good fashion inspiration from Utah, check out these top fashion bloggers:

A) Katie Korte

People call her a Salt Lake City-based fashion blogger. And she prepares her fashion tips exclusively for women… She has been doing this for the past 4 years.

B) Emily Riggs

It is worth noting that she is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the state of Utah. Her fashion information and updates are very fresh yet interesting – this could also be a milestone for her success in the fashion industry.

His experience here is six years.

C) Lindsey Regan Thorne

He has been spending his life in the fashion industry for three years. It is noteworthy that he reveals himself as a Utah-based model and blogger.

Information about the origin of a fashion blog

Although the term fashion blog was introduced in 2006, it became a reality only in 2009.

There are many reasons why fashion blogs are so popular these days. If we look at them step by step – We can see why they are so popular in fashion blogs.

1) Generally the purpose of fashion blogs is to introduce new fashion styles to the public. Based on this, the ideas shared by them are superior to the general ideas that the traditional media have about this fashion industry.

2) They also help people to dress according to their personal preferences – i.e. fashion bloggers.

3) Not only that, but fashion bloggers also act as a bridge to share their trends and styles with a new generation of people.

If you’re looking for the best fashion bloggers in Utah, here are a few you should check out

  • The Fashionably Geeky Girl
  • Utah Street Style
  • Lindsey Marie of The Brunette One
  • Allison of Hello Allison
  • Kendi of Kendi Everyday

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