Article Anti Copy Paste Html Code For Blogger Website!

How To Protect Website Content From Copying!

How Do I Turn Off Copy Content On Blogger?

Note: This post was created for the blogging industry as a whole. Also, the purpose of this post is to prevent other bloggers from copying your website comments and pasting them into their website.

How Do I Disable Copy And Paste On My Website?

Make Article Anti Copy-paste In Blogger? - True Home Occupations.

Hello! Friends!! If you are a blogger like me then I hope this post is 199% useful for you. Yes! How hard we write a post to impress our readers. But how easily it annoys us that other bloggers simply copy & paste and upload them on their website! New or experienced WordPress bloggers can easily protect themselves from problems like this – using a few free or premium plugins.

But bloggers who are new to the blogging industry are using the “Blogspot site, which is often provided free of charge by Google” because “the WordPress site costs money”. In situations like this, they have no chance to deal with problems like this on the Blogspot site!

What Is The Way To This?

There is a simple way to do this too. Yes! That’s a simple HTML code. Don’t worry I will give you this code here with a download option. You have to wait 61 seconds.

Generating Download Link…
Download Now

How To Disable Copy-paste In Blogger?

Make Article Anti Copy-paste In Blogger? - True Home Occupations.

This is your job – first download this HTML code and then go to your Website Layout Option and click on the “Add a Gadget” option and then access the “HTML / JavaScripts” option in the “Content” field where I recommend the HTML code. You need to register and save.

Note: You can give it any title you want (but here I have titled it “Thanks For Your Support!“).

How Do I Protect My Blogger Content?

If you do exactly what I said in this post then your website comments will be protected – website comments from thieves.

However, you should be aware of the benefits you will get from this.

  • This will protect all of your website comments.
  • A unique uniqueness that you have will develop. This will attract more readers to your page.
  • If you’ve said useful ideas uniquely you will have joined a separate readership that is for you! This will greatly benefit you and your readers.
  • Google always welcomes unique ideas! So your website posts are more likely to be easily indexed on google. It also opens up more opportunities for diverse readers around the world to visit your site.
  • Your website will look good with a good SEO score. And Google Ranking will be good – and if you do google AdSense and affiliate marketing on your website there are chances that you will get more profit from them.

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Make Article Anti Copy-paste In Blogger? - True Home Occupations.

How Do I Stop An Article From Being Copied? – True Home Occupations.

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