Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telephone Interview Method Of Data Collection!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Telephone Interviews!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Telephone Interviews in Business Research: Can business owners handle telephone interviews to communicate with their customers commercially (to find out if customers have a preference for their company and products for sale)? What are the pros and cons of this? Let’s see clearly now!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Telephone Interviews in Business Research - True Home Occupations.

Note: Knowing this, every business owner can effectively run their business with resources! … Are you a business owner? If so, can you use this telephone interview method in your business after reading and knowing exactly the following things? No or not? Think and act as. Because any business is still operating today with its core customer base! The chances of this changing later are slim!!

Let’s first briefly look at why most business owners use this telephone interview method for their business development.

An ideal business is to introduce a new product to the market once in a certain number of days or to make an effort to bring their old sales items to the customers. For this they will make more efforts to contact their old and new customers! … If you were in this situation you would do the same.

For this, you will tend to choose the right (in order to communicate with you and your customers) and low-cost “feedback device”. For example, would you choose something like contacting your customers via email, post, or phone? Yes! Apart from this type of e-mail and telephone system, the rest of the postal system will cost you a lot of money and it will take you a long time to get the answer you get. And it will take a long time for your customers to know your opinion and reach out to you – which can greatly affect your business growth.

Come see clearly the pros and cons of following these telephone interviews method to contact your customers in your business.


  • If you want to contact your customers by phone – this vast world can easily fall into your hands. That means you can easily and quickly contact your customers anywhere in the world! And you can easily know their need and desire. It costs you very little (everyone uses a cell phone these days — you just have to consider it a good opportunity, so you do not have to hesitate in the process).


  • This telephone interview method will never help you if you want to know exactly the satisfaction of your customers or their preferences! This is because you cannot see your customers directly (face to face) and you can not properly understand their facial expressions and movements. So with this, you can not properly understand their mental needs. This means that no business owner can properly understand their customers through this telephone interview system! This applies to you 98%.
  • In this free world – people like us have to eat at exactly this time of the morning, evening, and night. And the only thing you know is that we can never be told to sleep! Yes. In such a situation we can not say for sure what your customers will be doing whenever you call – in the process, a few customers will accept your call but a few customers will even think of accepting your call and a few will skip your call! So it is a fact that you can never create a friendly environment with your customers.
  • Through telephone interviews, your customers will not be able to clearly describe their exact needs to you. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Yes! The time available to them in this process is limited to a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 10 minutes. How can they elaborate on their full preferences and needs in this short time? Just think! And you can save your customers from such troubles by implementing a few changes in the process of these telephone interviews. For example, you can implement the comparative method in your phone interviews. This means that you can keep your questions and answers relatively concise and motivate your customers to submit and answer them – thus giving you a better chance of getting a good answer from them.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Telephone Interviews in Business Research - True Home Occupations.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Telephone Interviews in Business Research – True Home Occupations.

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