52 Week Money Challenge Chart

Printable 52-week Money Challenge 2023!

52 Week money challenge chart: How do we get started with this in the current scenario and how do we keep a permanent storage? It will be easier for you if you follow a path that everyone says is upside down. That means saving $52 in the first week and then reducing it in the following weeks…

Can we start a good cause to celebrate the 2023 New Year that is about to be born? Everyone has every dream and ambition! We will not see them as mere dreams but will see clearly how to implement it in this 2023 – 52 week money challenge.


I mean frankly we can do nothing in this world without money, which is something you know too. Start your saving steps today to buy your favorite item! In return, your savings will help you in the difficult situation of your life.

Saving is a happy thing but some people will find it difficult to do so. I submit this post for you in order to alleviate their suffering. In it I am going to tell you clearly how to follow a better storage path and other information.

52-week money challenge chart: How to save $5,000 this year with the 52-week money challenge!


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Benefits and challenges of the 52-week savings challenge.

There are so many doors open in this world for you if you are thinking of starting a cash saving system to meet your need. Bank for example! The bank gives full priority to those who make large deposits in their bank rather than budgeters. Although many people know the reason for this, I will say it briefly!

Banks continue to carry out their cash transactions with the money coming in through fixed deposits, and lend to customers from them. The bank pays a fixed percentage of the interest earned on the depositors and keeps the balance in its account.

It’s the hardest thing to cut down on your daily expenses and put together the savings you get! Do not look at the difficulty in this though as you think of great happiness, benefits and determination.


If you have a huge amount in your hands you will have a racial confidence in yourself and through this you can move your life happily. The wonderful thing about this is that no one is going to pay you, and you are not going to ask anyone for money. You are going to save the money you have by minimizing your needs.

How much do you save in the 52 week challenge?


If you follow the steps I say in this post, you will have $1,378 in your hands after 52 weeks. Even if you are looking for opportunity in life day by day, create opportunity for yourself today.

What is the 52-week money challenge?

In short, a certain amount of money that you save week after week will eventually come into your hands at the end of the year. But a turning point is waiting for you and that is the way to increase your savings.

The turning point I would say is that in your weekly savings task you are compelled to set aside your savings depending on the number of that week. That means if you save $1 the first week you should save $2 in your second week. 

Thus as your cash savings increase the number of weeks your savings will also increase. If you have a little more money than your basic savings plan, you can save that too. Some people say that I save (keep) $10 in the first week and they will not save even $1 in basic savings from the next week.


You should not make mistakes like this – sobriety, patience, and consistency are essential in this savings plan. I say if you make these steps a habit in your life you will be compelled to save a better amount for all the years to come.

What is the 52 week money challenge?



Week 1- $1- $1. Week 10- $10- $55. Week 20- $20- $210. Week 30- $30- $465. Week 40- $40- $820. Week 52- $52- $1,378.

How to start 52 week money challenge?

If you can, try to keep your savings at home, in your bank account. If not buy a bill and start collecting your savings in it. It will not greatly affect your savings account as many weekends are found in the account I have mentioned.


For that you add the money you failed to save for your leisure days and add them to your work days. This will get your cash savings account right.

Principles of the 52-week savings challenge:


For example: If you save $2 a week you will have $2,756 in your hands after 52 weeks.

How do you keep up the 52 week money challenge?

How Much Money Do You Save In The 52-Week Challenge? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

To keep up with the 52 week money challenge, draw a mind map that shows you your savings account and stick it in front of your eyes.

Benefits of the 52-week savings challenge.

How Much Money Do You Save In The 52-Week Challenge? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

With the 52-Week Savings Challenge we will see how you can start saving for yourself with the easiest ways.

i) Realize the importance of small savings:

If you start your savings account at $1 a week first, that thought will motivate you to save your savings for weeks to come. This will make it seem like a simple problem to you no matter what trouble you are having and you too can get out of it easily.

How Much Money Do You Save In The 52-Week Challenge? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

And with this, your physical and mental condition will start to run faster and more profitably. Objects that you did not have easy access to before, freedom, peace of mind, and whatever seems to be easily available to you! 

Sometimes it actually happens (although this is a crazy belief it is something that is accepted by many people).

ii) Stay flexible:

Some people have more tendencies to waste money such as some loans and spending on family. I want to tell them one thing – I’m not saying you must save $1, $2, $3, week by week. People with many problems like this often take the money they save and spend it!

How Much Money Do You Save In The 52-Week Challenge? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

Do not make mistakes like this. If only you could save $5 a month! It’s okay to just stick to it. Cut back on savings or do not put your hands on savings for anything.

iii) Take this as a serious game:

Take money saving as a game and share it with your friends and try to compete with them and win. This success will change your life. Some people think we should work so hard for just $1,000? I hope I can save this amount in a few months!

How Much Money Do You Save In The 52-Week Challenge? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

Do not take into account the $1,000 you save in it or as an item. On the contrary, you are learning the basics of “saving” that you need for life. Your savings may be small if you want today! But understand for yourself how much bigger you will become if you have the same trait in the times when you earn the most.

Difficulties of the 52-week savings challenge.

Understand one thing clearly first: “Who in this world has no cost?” In everyday life everyone is moving their life by spending their wealth (money). So try to reduce your expenses.

How Much Money Do You Save In The 52-Week Challenge? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

I have a great idea for you to complete this 52-Week Savings Challenge well. Is that how you save $1 in the first week of your 52-Week Savings Challenge? Instead, turn your savings system upside down and start saving $52 in the first week. This will make your 52-Week Savings Challenge a complete success.

How does the 52 week money challenge work

And use Visual Reminder or Regular Calendar Appointment to keep you from forgetting this challenge. Do not spend your savings in full if you have unavoidable major expenses. Instead, spend if you have cash on hand or spend only 75% of your savings.

52 week money challenge excel template 2023.

How Much Money Do You Save In The 52-Week Challenge? - TrueHomeOccupations.Com

Do not spend the remaining 25% of the money for any reason. Because if you take it and spend it, your self-confidence will start to wane. And the idea of ​​why you should do things like this from now on will appear. It may not be so optimal for your life success path.

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How does the 52 week money challenge work - True Home Occupations

52-week Money Challenge Chart: How to Save $5,000 this Year with the 52-week Money Challenge!

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